5 Interesting Things About Dogs that Most People Don’t Know

September 10, 2018

Dogs are inquisitive creatures and they seem to have a keen interest in everything around them, but there are actually some pretty interesting facts about our furry friends themselves that most of us are oblivious to. Let’s take a look at five of the most interesting of those facts now, in a mission to get to know our pets better.

Dogs Have a Clear Sense of Time

They may not be able to tell time by looking at the clock, but did you know that dogs have a very acute sense of time? Now, keep in mind that all animals have a rough sense of time (circadian rhythm), but when it comes to dogs, it’s more than just telling the difference between day and night. They can tell when it’s time for a meal or a walk in the park, which is precisely why canines thrive on routine. Unfortunately, this also means that your dog misses you when you take longer to come back home from the office.

The Whiskers are More than Just Cute

Dogs already have better night vision than humans and they hear a lot better too, but as if those were not cool enough, even the whiskers act as sensory peripherals for dogs! When something or someone moves around or near your dog, the changes in air currents are picked up by their whiskers, which actually lets them make an estimation about the subject, even when it’s dark or there are obstacles blocking the path of vision.

Canine Gut Health is Related to their Bone Health

Taking care of your dog’s digestive system is of paramount importance because it’s a fragile system. This fragility often leads to serious and even lethal GI disorders and infections, but what a lot of us don’t know is that poor gut health can also lead to joint pain and inflammations. To prevent this from happening, Canna Companion can come in quite handy since it acts as a deterrent to both GI diseases and arthritis in pets. A strict control over the diet would also be necessary, especially when you have a senior dog or a dog with pre-existing GI issues.

Dogs Don’t Sweat Like We Do

It doesn’t matter how hot and humid it is, you won’t see them sweating, which is because of the fact that the only sweat glands they do have are located on the palms of their paws. This is exactly why they pant so much when it’s hot outside because they have no other way of cooling down.

They Can Smell Your Fear

While it sounds made up, it isn’t. This old wives’ tale turned out to be true because dogs and a bunch of other animals (mainly predators!) can indeed smell the change in emotions. As we feel strong pangs of fear, guilt or anger, our scent changes at a chemical level and that’s something which a dog is perfectly capable of picking up and interpreting. So, the next time you see your dog coming to you for a hug when you are sad, don’t just assume it’s coincidental.

Dogs are amazing pets and you probably take good care of the ones you have already, but just in case you needed another reason to be extra caring, now you know that they do actually miss your absence and they also know how you feel.

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