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5 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Floor Remodel

January 17, 2020

Do you want a project that will make a huge impact? Remodeling your floors can change the aesthetic and feel of your space in a big way. It’s also a significant investment that’s important to get right.

From start to finish, there are many things you can do to keep your remodel on track. Your end goal is a quality floor that you love for a great price. This requires a little planning and a lot of balance.

There are several things you can do to make your flooring project options as seamless as possible. Use this advice to ensure the best possible results with the least amount of stress. Here are five mistakes you can easily avoid in your floor remodel process.

Measuring Incorrectly

Measuring your space can be more difficult than it initially seems, and it can be time-consuming. You’ll want to double-check your measurements before ordering materials. It might be wise to task this step to a professional.

Calculating the area of a rectangular room can be simple. But things get a little more complicated if you are renovating an entire level of your house. Spaces like closets and bathrooms need to be factored in. You also need to consider the space under the base trim that seems trivial but can add up to extra square footage.

If you choose to measure on your own, it’s essential to measure several times to confirm the right length and width of your spaces. You will also want to recheck your calculations several times to make sure your total area is correct. A good rule of thumb is to add ten percent to your measurements for your material order.

Many floor merchants offer free measurement services. This will be your best bet in guaranteeing accurate numbers. These employees are experienced in measuring tough spaces and can make suggestions for adjusting calculations to ensure you order enough material.

Cutting Too Many Corners

Determining your budget is an essential early step in your remodel. You want to set a firm number and stick to it. You also don’t want to try to lower costs by skimping on material and labor costs.

A floor remodeling project is a significant investment in both money and time. You want the finished product to last for years to come, and that likely won’t happen with cheap material. It’s vital to balance cost and quality. There are ways to save money while still ending up with a durable, well-installed floor.

Shop smart to get higher quality flooring at a great price. Look for sales and deals at home improvement stores. Many offer bulk discounts on large quantities. There are often coupons and promo codes available, especially around holiday sales.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate for a better deal. Unsold flooring takes up a lot of space at retailers. Offer to take a large amount off their hands for a reduced price, especially if it is an older color or design.

Focusing only on cost when it comes to installation can be disastrous. Even the highest quality material can be ruined by a faulty install. Look for highly recommended and reputable contractors with proven experience in your chosen material. Get several quotes until you find a quality installer for a fair price.

Choosing a Design Impulsively

Your flooring can establish the general feel of your space. It covers a lot of the area and makes a big impact. You want to make sure you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Selecting flooring can be a fun process. There are countless options in color, design, and material. It’s important to be practical and think ahead when choosing your floor.

There are tons of graphic tile designs and unique colored materials hitting the market. They are fun and appealing, but their trendy style might make their appeal fade quickly. Changing out a floor because it’s outdated in just a few years may leave you feeling regretful for not thinking through your choice carefully.

Look for flooring that is stylish but somewhat neutral and timeless. Greys and browns are popular choices because they can fit many decor aesthetics. If you have your heart set on a fun tile, consider installing it in a small space like a bathroom where you can switch it out more easily. And remember you can always add bright rugs to a more neutral floor to spice it up.

Not Cushioning Your Budget

A flooring renovation can come with a gauntlet of unexpected costs. Make sure you provide a cushion in your budget. From surprise repairs to a bigger dining budget, you want to make sure your financially prepared.

Removing old flooring can uncover problems and damage. Subfloor boards can suffer moisture damage and can mildew over time. You want to replace these boards before installing your new flooring. Having a cushion in your budget ensures you won’t suffer financially from this unexpected cost.

Your kitchen may be temporarily inaccessible during your flooring remodel. It may be easier to opt for take-out or going out to eat for convenience purposes. Including these costs in your budget makes you more prepared to shell out the extra cash for these meals.

Being Unprepared

Remodeling your floor can be a disputing process. Not being prepared can leave you stressed and flustered. Take steps to minimize the disruption to your life to make for a calmer experience.
If you have small children, create a space away from the remodeling area that they can relax, play, and complete schoolwork. It’s important to keep them away from project areas, especially when workers are present. The same is true for pets that should also have an alternative place to hang out.

Depending on your chosen material, flooring installation can be extremely messy. Not preparing your home can lead to damage and debris. Remove valuable items from the remodeling space to protect them from accidental breakage and dust. Have a plan in place to minimize the spread of dust and to deep clean your home after the remodel is finished.


Remodeling your floor will have a considerable impact on your home. It can also have a significant effect on your life and budget. It’s smart to be thoughtful in your decisions and prepare well.

Planning ahead and being diligent with your budget will give you the best outcome. Your flooring renovation will be less stressful. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a beautiful, lasting result that you love.

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