5 Places You Must Visit When In Bali

September 1, 2018

Bali, Indonesia has emerged as one of the most popular tourist sites over the past few years. As it has something to offer for all those who visit people from around the world come to hike in the jungles, explore the historic temples and to relax at the beaches. Recently it is becoming well known in the watersports community as most of its islands offer the best watersports experience. With numerous breathtaking places, tourist often finds it hard to figure out which sites to visit as a top priority. Here listed below are 5 places you must visit when you’re in Bali.

Trek to Sekumpul Waterfalls:

It is known as the most beautiful waterfall. There are many touring agencies that you can team up with if you want to cover all the essential places. However, you can also go on your own if you take a map with you. Trekking through the jungle can be a moving experience for all those who visit and although you might get tired it is worth the walk. There are also bike tours through the jungle. It is recommended to go with the guide if you want to learn about the local culture, sacred sites, local food, etc.

Water sports at Kuta Beach:

While all the south Bali beaches are well-known for water sports such as kayaking, paddling, surfing and jet skiing, etc. Kuta beach is famous for its waves. People from all around the world come to surf and kayakhere. The reason why this famous amongst tourists is the fact that it has many training centers in which you can train before taking your kayak or your surfboard out to the ocean. Due to the fact that it offers a vast range of water sports, it is becoming the most visited place in Bali. In order to know more about it, check this out.

Spiritual tour at Besakih Temple:

Was declares a historic site is a sacred place of worship for the Hindus and it is documented to be more than 2000 years old. It comprises of 23 individual temples. If you want to know about the temples and the local myths that are affiliated with it than this the place you should go.It is considered to be a part of a person’s spiritual journey as to climb the flight of stairs you get closer and closer to the site that holds spiritual value for the local people.

Diving at Lovina:

If you want to relax then loniva is the best place for you to visit. You can also sign up for diving classes and have a breathtaking experience with marine life. If you’re a professional, you can hire the equipment and go to the ocean. If you’re lucky, you can even spot dolphins that are extremely friendly and visit the shore at times.

Walk to Pura Tanah Lot:

This temple is famous due to its breathtaking location. As you walk up the path, the Indian Ocean is on your right, and rocky islets add to the beauty you can hear the waves crashing against the walls as you approach the temple. You can go on a historical tour of the temple and enjoy local food afterwards.

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