5 Reasons Why Vaporizers Are Increasingly Becoming a Popular Method of Consuming Weed

January 21, 2019

Vaporizing or vaping is the conversion of substances from a solid or liquid state into gas through the application of heat. With medical cannabis, vaping usually entails the use of conduction or convection heating techniques to heat dried cannabis safely to an optimum temperature. This will result in the release of active cannabis ingredients in form of vapor. Vaping marijuana is perceived as a safer, less harmful, and cleaner option when compared to smoking. Here are four reasons why vaporizers offer a safer method of consuming cannabis.

Convenient and discrete

Unlike smoking, vaping devices will offer a higher level of discreteness. The resulting vapor is odorless and it dissipates rapidly and this helps eliminate any odor-related concerns that some users may have. Vaporizers are ideal for users who are on the go because they have a small, compact design and can easily fit in the palm. You do not have to expose yourself to open flames when using vaporizers because they are battery powered.

Quick onset of effects

Vapor inhalation is perfect for consumers who want to experience immediate relief because it offers a quick onset of effects. With vaporizing, the onset is immediate, rapid and can last for about two or three hours. This makes vaporization a more controlled and convenient technique of cannabis consumption. Since vaporization does not involve any burning, most patients prefer the taste of cannabis vapor instead of smoke.


Are vaporizers safe? This is a question that many cannabis users ask themselves. Vaporizers are recommended by most doctors because it is one of the safest techniques of cannabis consumption. Vaporizers produce a clean, pure vapor, providing a more pleasant and satisfying experience when compared to smoking. Cannabis users who are health-conscious can use vaporizers to consume dried cannabis and oils without worrying about carcinogens, toxins or even respiratory irritants associated with smoking. Vaporizers are an ideal cannabis consumption method as it protects the health of your lungs and the respiratory system.


Vaporizing weed tends to offer a more efficient experience compared to smoking. Vaporization has been proven to convert 46% of the available THC into vapor, while smoking will only convert 25%. This means that you will get a better experience and desired results when you vape your weed. Vaporization can be an ideal consumption method for individuals who seek immediate and longer results.


Vaporization is a more cost-effective method of consuming marijuana. Even though you will spend some good money buying the best dry herb vaporizers, you will still save money in the long run. With the better conversion rate of active ingredients of cannabis into vapor, it means that less cannabis will be used to achieve the desired experience. You are less likely to waste your cannabis herbs because you will always achieve the outcome that you want.

Battery life

Vaping has many advantages when compared to smoking. Apart from the fact that it is safer, vaping will also save you the frequent and wearisome task of lighting matchsticks. With vaping, all you need to do is turn on the device and start vaping. Most portable vaporizers use batteries that you have to recharge when low on charge. This means that battery life should be a major priority when buying a vaporizer. Make sure that you choose a vape pen with the highest milliamp hours so that it can sustain you for long hours.

Vapes have been rising in popularity over time in the cannabis community. Today, vaporizers are the talk of the town because of their effectiveness and safety. Vaping has come a long way and is considered an effective alternative for weed smokers. It is without a doubt that technology on vaporizers will continue improving just as its popularity.



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