5 Things Worth Noting About Dating With Depression

October 17, 2022

Meeting someone when you feel low and having them give you a boost is a dream made in heaven. This is something many of us wish we could experience. The best relationship might get you from rock bottom in terms of emotions, to the highest of highs. These are not very common occurrences and when they do happen, it is fantastic. There are certain struggles people undergo when depressed that others never will. Finding help when you hit rock bottom is a Godsend. If that help comes from a loved one and in this case a significant other, it can also be detrimental.

Help in the Right Places

Dating usually involves people with significantly different personalities, needs, and desires. When depression is part of the equation things can go increasingly out of hand. It means the lady or gent you are with could be a savior or you might destroy them. Depression revolves around certain factors including treatment through therapy.

Regardless of whether you date pretty blonde-haired girls or single mature ladies, depression requires understanding. The factors surrounding depressed folks are addressed below, including their impact and possible resolutions:

1. Medication

Antidepressants are prescribed to help neutralize depression modes and bring a balance to emotions. These meds can cause significant changes in how one responds or reacts to relationship matters. It is no secret that some medications can alter or cause hormonal imbalances. It means that as you treat depression, other things might be depressed too. Relationships need work and with depression and libido issues, things can go downhill quickly.

2. Isolation

Depressed folks tend to become hermits or seriously introverted at some point. This isolation might be deemed anti-social behavior or just rudeness. When dating, one partner might find it offensive and downright rude when you feel the need to be alone. At times, you might prefer staying indoors, solo, as opposed to meeting for lunch or dinner. This can be addressed during conversations and made clear that it is part of the depression and not intentional.

3. Libidos

One’s libido is always affected when they hit lower levels of depression. This causes significant backlash from a partner and can lead to more medicating. Essentially, you need to discuss these factors of depression so your partner understands you better. It is also challenging for the depressed individual because they do feel attracted to you; they just cannot get themselves aroused enough to perform.

4. Over Reacting

When a depressed soul is confronted most slightly, they can seem overly sensitive. This is a fact worth noting if you are involved with someone boasting these characteristics. The medication used along with mood swings makes certain affected parties overreact. You might be teasing them rather than provoking them, but they see the latter.

5. Feeling Unloved

The number one determinant and struggle of a depressed soul is feelings of uselessness. The body wants to feel loved, the mind says it isn’t but your partner insists you are loved. Most depressed souls cannot help but feel useless. It happens more often than it does not. It also makes it harder for their partners to understand them – particularly when they feel they are doing enough.

Bottom Line

Make room for a better you and more love into your life with a healthier mind. The best approach to a relationship is to take the time to explain to your partner that things might go downhill unintentionally. Honesty and openness is the key to healthier and manageable relationships. Do not let depression get in the way of you finding love.

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