Forget Nothing, Pack Everything: 3 Things Most People Leave Off of Their Moving Checklist

April 2, 2020

Every single year, 14% of the US population moves. If you think that sounds like a small number, know that it comes out to an impressive 40 million Americans.

People move for several reasons—a change of pace, job relocation, family, housing options—you name it.

Regardless of your unique reasons for moving, there’s one thing all movers have in common: they need to create a moving checklist. Aside from the obvious reason that it keeps you focused and organized, a moving checklist can guarantee you don’t forget the following essential things.

1. Your Important Documents

Experts like those at Inner City Moving & Storage Company can attest to this fact—not only do you need to move your relevant documents, but you need to move them safely. And, they need to be in close reach, so you can get to them before, during, and after the move.

If possible, put all necessary documents, like utility bills, birth certificates, Social Security cards, and the like, in one folder, safe box, or file cabinet. You can also keep your moving checklist with them, so you always know where everything is at all times.

2. Any Prescription Medications

Meds are an extremely essential item you don’t want to remember the moment you need it!

If you can, place any prescription medications in your purse or another bag you’ll have with you during the move. Don’t pack them in the bottom of your “Bathroom” box. Instead, keep them within arm’s reach, and somewhere you’ll have quick and easy access to them at all times.

This goes for the entire family’s prescription medications. Over-the-counter drugs like Aleve or Mucinex can stay with the other bathroom and toiletry supplies for now, as you can always buy those with no hassle if you’re in a pinch.

3. Your Toiletries and Other Daily-Use Items

Just like you pack a carry-on bag for flying that holds your toothbrush and a pair of spare underwear, you need to pack an “essentials” bag of your toiletries and daily-use items.

This only has to include items you use daily, like your brush, toothpaste, feminine products, a bar of soap, mini shampoo and conditioner bottles, and possibly even a roll of toilet paper (you never know!). Each family member can have their own toiletry backpack, or you can include them in one family bag. In fact, you can keep your prescription meds in this bag, too.

Other frequently-forgotten daily-use items include things like phone and laptop chargers. You’ll likely be making a lot of phone calls during this move, so keep your cell phone charger on hand. The laptop charger will be especially convenient when you’re in the new home and ready to relax with some Netflix.

Write Your Moving Checklist Now!

Before you do anything else—before you start packing, switching over your utilities, or looking up local movers, go write up a moving checklist that has these things listed on it.

Or, better yet, print out a copy of this list and keep it on you at all times, checking things off as you go.

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