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7 Experts Tips on How to Vape If You’re a Beginner

October 2, 2019

Some people have a hard time understanding the facts about vapes. According to experts, vaping is less risky than smoking cigarettes. While the FDA still classify them as “tobacco” products, vapes do not contain any tobacco. You can find several vapes with different designs, shapes, and sizes.

Vape uses a battery for heating e-liquid to turn into a vapor. Similar to smoke, the vapor will be inhaled and released by user.

When purchasing vapes, you have make sure that your favorite vapour depot sells FDA-approved juices. Based on research, there is still no evidence that these vapes contain harmful substances that can harm the user’s body. Experts found out that these do not contain tobacco chemicals that can cause cancer. Thankfully, you can now say goodbye to harmful cigarettes and hello to a tobacco-free world of vaping.

If you are new to vaping, here are tips that can help you achieve the best vaping experience.

Know Your PG/VG Ratios

High or 100 VG means that your e-liquids can produce smoother hits and thicker smoke. Low VG can only create smaller smoke, and deeper throat hit. So, if you are looking for a cloud effect, you should go with high VG e-juice. These juices have no throat hit, are naturally sweet, and provide an astounding smoke cloud.

Know Your Taste

The most exciting part of any vaping experience begins with the perfect e-juice. Try several e-juices and choose which one is more comfortable for you. This way, you can decide which flavor suits your taste. There are over 500+ of flavors like peppermint, coffee, menthol, candy, lemonade, and more. If you are feeling creative, you can also mix and match flavors to achieve a unique combination.

Invest In High-Quality E-Liquids

As a disciplined vape user, you should not choose cheap e-liquids over high-quality e-liquids. According to experts, cheap e-juices may put users at risk. Based on research, cheap liquids include impurities that can harm your health. Thus, ensure that your e-juices are only produced by a reliable vapour depot. Vapes that are sold cheaply can make your throat itchy, dry, and may cause allergic reactions.

Premium vapor juices contain food-grade ingredients, medical-grade nicotine, and have a phenomenal reputation.

Avoid Plastic Tanks

Acidic flavors like citrus, essential oils, and menthols can damage plastic tanks. You can commonly see these plastic tanks on vape starter kits. Experts suggest users avoid vapes with plastic materials. Therefore, if you love using acidic flavors, you should invest in a high-quality Pyrex or glass tank to avoid potential damages. Safety always comes first.

Clean Your Tank Regularly

Clean and empty your e-tanks regularly or at least twice a week. Disassemble your vape and remove the remaining juice. Afterward, rinse the mouthpiece, atomizer, and tank through running, hot water. After cleaning, let your device dry with air.

Vaping is one way to get people out of the use of cigarettes. Be sure to enjoy every vaping experience by using only the highest-grade ingredients and materials that are produced by established vape producers.

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