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7 Lovely Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Steal the Show

November 30, 2018

When it comes to styling the bedroom, you’ll surely want something that will steal the show, something that reveals your personality while having people in awe of the design and decorations! Plus, it’s best to have a bedroom you’re comfortable enough to sleep in, so it should be designed to your liking.

But how can you make your bedroom as lovely as you imagined it? Interior design is not an easy task, but it certainly isn’t impossible! With the right type of decor ideas and ways to organize and design, you’ll be able to have the beautiful room you’ve always imagined.

Wondering how? Read on as I show you the seven lovely bedroom decor ideas that will steal the show!

You can hire a bedroom expert or do these ideas on your home. However, the way you want it, try out any of these seven tips to beautify the room!

1. Try DIY Art or Artworks You Adore

If you want to add a touch of personality and are the artsy type, then I recommend that you start adding some of your artworks or even create some to hang or draw around your room. From chalkboard walls to paintings you made, you’ll be able to add a bit of fun and creativity to your room.

Not the creative type? Then you can have pieces of artworks you absolutely adore which will bring out your personality, too!

2. Add Some Greens to Your Room

Adding a natural touch to your bedroom with succulents and flowers can bring a ton of benefits. From better air to a cooler and fresher looking room, you’ll want to add a few pots y your window to brighten up your day.

I recommend that you go for succulents or smaller plants that don’t require much attention or maintenance, especially if you’re always busy! Flowers or other decorative natural pieces work great, too.

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3. Go For Photographs

Just like artworks, you can add some personal photographs up on your wall, or have them framed for a more professional look. If you want a sleek and modern design, opt to add professional photographs that are framed and match the color theme of your bedroom to make everything uniformed and matching.

Elegant photographs can add character to your space without reminding you of personal relationships and people before you head on to be, which can be a good thing, too!

4. Lighting, Mirrors, and Curtains

In your room, Lighting is Key. With that being said, it isn’t just about the lampshades and lighting fixtures you have beside you or on the ceiling, but sunlight and reflections as well!

I recommend that you add high end light fixtures to make your room well-lit and looking great at night, while you also have mirrors and a good window (with elegant curtains) that can help you control the lighting that comes in during the day.

5. Add Some Drama To Your Room

Some people want minimalistic or something modern and sleek, without much frills. Other people want a more personal, creative flair with eccentricity. It’s up to you if you want a variety of color palettes and textures or want to stick to one theme. You can reduce sound in your bedroom and for that you need to visit quiethomeguide.com.

But regardless of the type of design, you’ll want to add a bit of touch of drama to your bedroom, which will be the statement piece that will draw attention to your bedroom. May it be bold red curtains or a dramatic piece of artwork, that’s entirely up to you!

6. Change Up Your Bedding

It might be time to change your bedding to make it both comfortable and attractive for everyone to admire. I love layered beddings, which add the plush feeling and luxurious aesthetics to it.
Match your beddings to your color theme and maybe even change up your bed frame to give it more of a statement (May it be a platform bed frame for a contemporary look or a traditional bed frame with a quilted headboard).

7. Add Some Creative Storage

Last but not least, why not add some creative storage to declutter your room while still making it look amazing? Go for vintage treasure chests, minimalistic-looking shelves on top of the bed, or even quirky cabinets and traditional dressers which suit your style!

Wrapping It Up

There’s no need to spend a ton of money on bedroom decor! Through reorganizing your furniture down to simple and inexpensive items, you’ll be able to change your bedroom design and have it look as beautiful as you imagined it to be!

I hope that you gained inspiration from these seven lovely bedroom decor ideas that will steal the show! So don’t wait any longer and try any of these ideas now.
If you have any questions or want to share your tips on bedroom decor, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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