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Laminate Flooring for Your Walls

April 23, 2021

Interior designers are always on the lookout for ways to create new and unique looks for their clients. 

As such, more and more of us are turning to DIY how-to guides to see how we can create the same look for a fraction of the cost. For a minimalist and contemporary style, using laminate flooring on your walls has become a popular choice. It can also create a stunning wooden effect that works as a feature wall within any room of the house. 

So, whether you have a rustic farmhouse, or a sleek and modern interior, you can add a totally new look to your home with this luxurious décor trend. To help you get started, we’re created this step-by-step guide so you can achieve the look you’re after.

Getting started

Before you dive in, you’ll need more than some strong glue and a few laminate panels. First, choose the style of laminate you’d like at Aflooringboutique.co.uk, and order enough to cover the area and then some. It’s always good to have spare panels, just in case. You can return unopened boxes.

Next, you’ll need strong nails and adhesive caulk. Depending on how long your accent wall is, and how long your laminate panels are, you might also need a circular saw or table saw. It’s also good to have a caulk gun, spirit level, nail gun and hammer to hand. You should prepare the accent wall by making sure it is clean, dry and that the wallpaper is removed. Laminate shouldn’t be used in areas exposed to lots of damp or water, such as above the bath. 

You’ll also need to allow the panels acclimate before use. This process should only take a couple of days.

If you know there is a slight slant to your floor, it’s worth cutting the first panel to match the slant, so the second panel can be placed straight on top. 

The first row

You should cut the planks to size and connect them before applying them to the wall. Make sure to leave around 3/16” so that the wood can expand when in place. Add adhesive caulk to each panel being used in the first row. Carefully stick the laminate onto the wall with the tongue facing down – this will make it easier to attach the next row.  For added stability, secure the first row into place with nails on the tongue. 

Build the wall

Once the first row is in place, you can then start to build up your accent wall. This can be done by taking the next panel and slotting it into place on the tongue. Use a hammer to ensure the panel is securely in place, and a spirit level to check it’s straight before moving on. Continue up the wall until you’re done – then stand back and appreciate your handiwork. 

Laminate wall accents are a great DIY project that will leave your home feeling new and fresh. For more tips and inspiration, check out other ideas on Pinterest and YouTube to find the best ways to install wood panels on the wall. 

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