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7 Must-Have Features for Your Luxury Kitchen

October 1, 2019

A luxury home only deserves the best. As such, only high-quality furniture, appliances and features should be found in these high-end homes. This should be true regardless of the room you are in.

This means that your kitchen must have only the finest features as well. Everything in the kitchen must be in line with the elegant design of your home. Of course, these features need to be functional so both cooking and dining will certainly be a pleasure to do in an area that’s also a delight to see.

Top Features You Should Have in Your Luxury Kitchen

Here are the top seven features all luxury kitchens must have:

Island cooktop

Kitchen islands are typical features in luxury homes. But for your deluxe kitchen, go a step higher and have a cooktop added to the island.

With this feature, you will have additional burners you can use for cooking, boiling water, etc. If the cooktop is built into a huge island, you can also have extra workspace and room for other provisions under such as a warming drawer.

To avoid having a range hood block your view, have a downdraft exhaust system connected to the island cooktop.

Deep and full extension drawers

Cooking, baking, and other prep work will be much easier if you have a deep drawer beside the kitchen range. This will allow you to quickly reach for the pot or pan you need.

However, make sure these storage solutions are deep enough so that you can store several pots and pans of different sizes in just one drawer. Drawers with high sides and backs are also more efficient in keeping stacks of items neat and orderly.

Also, keep in mind that hardware that allows drawers to slide open all the way will make it easier for you to get objects in and out. As such, full extension drawer hardware is something worth having in a deluxe kitchen.

Coffee bar

If you are coffeephile, make sure you have your own coffee bar in the kitchen. You will then have a special area where you can place your French press, espresso machine, a blender (for your homemade frappuccinos), mugs, containers of your favorite coffee beans, condiments, etc.

Having a coffee bar is a great way to have everything you need to make your cup of Joe within easy reach. You will also have a special place in the kitchen where you can relax and enjoy your fresh brew.


A kitchen backsplash protects your walls from stains when cooking. It also adds a subtle accent of color to your kitchen walls which gives it a stylish look.

The most popular choices for kitchen backsplash materials for high-end homes include:

  • Toughened glass
  • Tiles
  • Mirrored glass
  • Marble

By choosing the right material and design, you can add your personal touch to your kitchen design.

Pot filler faucet

A pot filler faucet is a swinging cold-water faucet mounted above the stovetop. As its name implies, it is used to fill your pots with water for pasta and rice. You can also use it for filling a kettle with water.

With this fixture, you won’t have to carry a large, heavy pot of water across the kitchen. They are one of the most functional and great-looking features to have in a modern, high-end kitchen today.

Built-in refrigerator

A built-in fridge will enhance the integrated and streamlined look of your kitchen. This is because unlike freestanding refrigerators, they line up perfectly with cabinets. They have articulating hinges as well so they open fully.

You can also have your built-in fridge customized so that they can have other
features such as wine cabinets and ice and water dispensers.

Double oven

If you love to cook and host dinner parties, a double oven can be a lifesaver. With separate ovens, you can cook several dishes at once. You won’t have to spend hours waiting for the oven to heat up and cool down before you can put your next dish in.

When you have this kitchen appliance, you can use the main oven without bending over with difficulty frequently. This means you will have lower risks of hurting your back and knees. You can use the secondary oven for additional baking and plate warming.

A double oven will make your kitchen look stylish and modern, too.

To ensure your kitchen is in keeping with the luxurious theme and design of your home, make sure you have the above features in your cooking area. They will not only contribute to the aesthetics of your home space but also ensure you take pleasure in cooking up your favorite family recipes.


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