7 Reasons a Person Doesn’t Rush to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

March 31, 2020

The fact that a person likes you is not a guarantee that they want a relationship with you. Sometimes it may seem to you that your relationship goes in the right direction, and you have huge chances to become a couple. You have a good time together, they take care of you and clearly show their feelings, but they don’t rush to determine your status. Such mixed signals are confusing, and they can have very different reasons. Why does a person show great sympathy, but is afraid to go further?

1. They treat relationships very seriously

Someone needs to determine the format of the relationship as soon as possible, and they are ready to call themselves a couple when they understand that their sympathy is mutual. For others, to start a relationship means almost to take an oath of eternal fidelity and love, so they are not in a hurry with big words and deeds. Typically, the second type of people very painfully goes through a breakup, and therefore, they don’t rush to commit themselves. Try to find out how the person treats a relationship in general: whether they had it before and for how long. Long-term relationships differ from casual ones, and being in the latter one, nobody reflects on the best ideas and ways to propose.

2. They are on the verge of a great change

Another reason why the person who obviously likes you is in no hurry to take your relationship to the next level is the fact that everything is too complicated now. Perhaps they are going to change jobs or move to another city. In this case, it is a mature decision to refrain from starting a relationship until you decide on your priorities. Nonetheless, it is only up to you to decide whether you are ready to stay in such an uncertain state.

3. They had an unsuccessful relationship in the past

A toxic breakup can completely kill the desire to start a relationship once again. This state is quite understandable, but it would be nice to find out how bad everything is. Complaints about a broken heart are certainly worthy of sympathy but do not be shy to ask if they need a little time to recover, or they’ve already decided to stay single for the rest of their life.

4. They are not sure you are “the one and only”

Perhaps the person likes you, and you enjoy spending time together, but at the same time, you have qualities that don’t suit them. For example, they cannot accept your bad habit or unwillingness to have children. In this case, the person needs a little more time to understand whether they are ready to put up with what annoys them in you or not. It is even good if they make this decision before you start a committed relationship.

5. They have an unfinished relationship

It is not necessarily about the actual relationship, perhaps the person still cannot figure out their feelings for the ex-partner. Sometimes people start a new romantic relationship to be distracted and understand whether they can forget the ex-love. In any case, you do not deserve to be a backup plan. If you know that the person has a complicated relationship with the ex-partner or they are going through a difficult period, offer them some space to sort themselves out.

6. They are afraid that they are not enough for you

Sometimes a person can do nothing because they are not self-confident and are afraid that they are not enough for such a great person as you are. What you should not do in such a situation is to convince them that you are extremely unpretentious and generally do not demand or expect anything from them. Talk honestly about your expectations and opportunities, maybe they will see that everything is not as scary as it seemed, and you are not expecting any supernatural sacrifices. Or, conversely, both of you will realize that you are too different to be

happy together.

7. They are comfortable in a relationship without commitment

Often people don’t take their relationships to the next, more serious level because they are just afraid of obligations. Perhaps they are not yet ready to stay faithful to one person, be responsible for their actions or limit themselves. There is nothing reprehensible in it if a person openly declares their feelings. You should decide for yourself whether such a format of relationships suits you or not, but you shouldn’t settle for it in the hope that the person will change their mind or get used to it.

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