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9 Closet Organization Ideas to Make for a Neater Home

February 14, 2020

Over 1/4 of households in the United States have a problem with organizing and clutter.

One of the most common places to experience this problem is in closets. Our closets hold so many of the things that we don’t want on display in our home. Clothes, shoes, blankets, towels, and even purses live in our closets.

With so many things in our closets, it’s no wonder we can’t stay organized!

Well, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Keep reading to learn some closet organization ideas that will help you stay organized every day.

Closet Organization Ideas

If your closet is a mess it can be difficult to find the clothes you need.

The longer you spend searching for your clothes, the less time you have to do productive things. These closet organization ideas will help you de-clutter your closet and save you time in the morning!

1. Organize by Category

Nothing’s more frustrating than not being able to find your favorite top on date night.

Accent pieces like tank tops and blouses can easily get lost between sweaters and bulky jackets. If you find yourself having this problem, it’s time to think about organizing by category.

When you organize by category, you’ll know right where to look for each item. Group together items by categories like jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and tank tops. When you know right where to look, you won’t have to search as long to find the clothes you need!

2. Organize by Color

So, you have your clothes organized by category, awesome.

Now, take it a step further by organizing your closet by color as well. You can either put similar colors next to each other in no particular order, or you can organize from light to dark.

White shirts, pastels, or any other light shades are pushed towards the left. As you move to the right, these colors gradually get darker. This makes it effortless to find the clothes that you need.

When you organize your closet by category and by color, you’ll know exactly where to put each clothing item and where to find it.

3. Add A Few Shelves to Your Closet

Many of us have closets that only have one or two racks towards the top.

If you have a lot of shoes, purses, hats or other accessories, this isn’t enough space. Because of this, many of us just throw our things at the bottom of the closet, causing a complete mess.

If you find yourself just tossing things into your closet because you don’t have storage space, add a few shelves. A shoe rack would be great if you have shoes in your closet or even just a couple of shelves for purses.

The great thing about adding extra shelves to your closet is that you can add as many as you want. Or, if you want to boost your closet organization level, consider having custom closets built in your home.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

If you have all kinds of things you don’t use in your closet, you’re never going to get organized.

As you add more and more stuff to your closet, you’re just fighting for space against the things you don’t touch. Instead of adding more stuff to your closet and cramming it in, go through all your clothes and get rid of the ones you don’t need.

If you’re a bit of a hoarder, follow this rule of thumb for organizing your closet…

Take turns placing your hangers in your closet backward and forward. If you find a hanger is still backward three months later, then this means that you haven’t worn or used that item in months.

As you go through your closet, take any items that haven’t been worn in months and either sell or donate them.

5. Use All of the Same Hangers

Even if your closet is organized perfectly, a bunch of mismatched hangers will make it look chaotic.
Match the hangers that you have the most of, and take the mismatched ones out of your closet. If you’re worried about the hangers being wasted, use them in your laundry room instead.

6. Roll Items that Can’t be Hung Up

If you have a dresser or shelving system in your closet, roll the clothes that go there.

When you roll your clothes you can see what you’re grabbing much easier. When you have t-shirts or pajamas folded on a shelf or in a dresser, they can be hard to find. When you can’t find what you’re looking for, you may make a mess trying to find it.

So, roll the clothes you aren’t hanging up. This will free up space and make clothes easier to find.

7. Keep the Clothes You Use the Most Easily Accessible

Many closets have a design that makes certain clothes difficult to get to.

If your clothes aren’t right in front of the door to the closet, you may find yourself reaching to one side for them. So that you don’t have to do this, keep your most-worn clothes front and center.

This will keep you from making a mess out of your closet when looking for something. Plus, it will save you time.

8. Bins Are Your Best Friend

Bins are such a magical way to organize your items.

They come in so many colors and designs, they’re affordable, and they hide all your clutter. Use bins in your closet for scarves, socks, hats, gloves, and anything else you find floating around your closet.

9. Keep a Basket or Bin for Empty Hangers

When it’s time to hang your clothes back up, it can be difficult to find a hanger for this.

When your unused hangers are weaved in with your clothes, it can take so much time to find one. So, add a basket or a bin to your closet for your unused hangers!

Every time you grab a piece of clothing off a hanger, put the hanger in the bin. This way you’ll know right where to find your free hangers.

Don’t Hesitate to Organize Your Closet

Freeing up the clutter in your closet will free up your mind as well.

Follow these closet organization ideas to have a closet you’re proud to show off. If you loved reading this article, check out our other blog posts!

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