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A Simple Guide to The Different Varieties of Beer Glasses

September 30, 2019

From glass quality to shape and sizes, restaurants are getting bold in presenting different types of creatively crafted beer glasses. That gives drinkers the chance to enjoy their drinks with a different feel each time.

Among a wealth of options across bars and restaurants, here’s a list of the different types of beer glasses.

IPA Glass

This unique glassware comes with a laser-cut rim that can deliver a clean and crisp feel on each sip. It has a slender, bowl shape upper body with a narrower wave-like lower body for a firm grip.

The IPA glass is made up of a 2mm thick crystal that aids in controlling a stable temperature of the brew. It is lightweight for a secure hold and free of lead. Apart from the relaxed uniquely-shaped body, it is a quite excellent glass.

Pint Glass

Several types of pint glasses are available across the globe, but the most popular one would be the American pint glass (perhaps for the people living in the US). This type is also known as the Shaker glass.

This glass is an elegant cylindrical glass with the mouth more full than the base. The American pints can typically hold about 16-oz of liquid, while the English pint or commonly known as the Imperial glass can hold up to 20-oz. Due to the shape of the glasses, they are easy to hold and drink with and can be easily cleaned and stacked.

This type of glass has a considerably lower price than most glassware and can be produced with ease.

Beer Mug

Most drinkers would pick this type of glass as their favorite, mainly because it has an amazingly robust body and is easy to hold and use. This type of glass is found commonly in the US, England, and Germany, with different sizes.

The prominent feature of this glass is that it has a full cylindrical shape with equal sizes of the upper and lower body of the glass. It has thick glass that functions as an insulator to keep the coolness of the brew. The glass’ handle is in the middle of the glass with a wide enough space for a comfortable and stable grip.

Pilsner Glasses

This unique glassware has a tall and slim body. It has a little curve near the bottom of the glass to assist in holding up the glass as it has no handle. This kind of glass is mainly used to hold lighter beers like the pilsners.

The glasses come in various sizes. However, this glass can only hold less amount of liquid compared to other glassware. This slender glass is widely popular in the Europe and US regions.

Thistle and Tulip Glass

These two types of glasses are quite famous and come with a slim stem and round base. The quirky tulip-like bowl-shaped upper body of the glass is the distinct characteristics of these glasses.

The bulb-like bowl just above the stem allows the drinker to enjoy the drink while swirling their drinks around. This type of glass is typically used to hold a much stronger brew.

This list is by no means complete. There are a lot of other varieties of beer glasses that drinkers can explore and enjoy. Each one of them is created to deliver a different kind of feel and experience for the drinkers.

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