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Achieving Big Style With Minimal Changes

May 21, 2020

If you are looking to improve the interior style of your home, you don’t necessarily need a huge budget for a makeover. Small but thoughtful changes can do the trick. For instance, a thorough cleanup and decluttering job can instantly brighten up rooms and regain space to make your home feel more airy and relaxing.

So, if you are itching for changes in the look of your abode, here are minimal ones that you can make without spending too much and working so hard.

1. Add area rugs or carpets to define spaces.

One of the easiest ways to bring color and added texture to a room, as well as make it remarkably cozier is by adding an area rug or carpet. Anchor this floor treatment underneath your furniture or place it right in the center of the room to define the space.

Installation is a breeze, especially if you use carpet tiles that will allow you to customize the size and shape of the floor treatment. Plus, you can layer carpets and rugs to create a more eye-catching style for the rooms.

2. Display a collection to the little-used spaces in different rooms.

Instead of crowding display shelves and tables with your collections, look around the different rooms in your home for little-used spaces.

For example, the space above doorways is often untouched; why not display your collection of souvenir plates from your travels here? Doing this will provide a graphic punch to the room. Better yet, this styling idea entails very little work. You just need to buy plate hangers and hook nails from hobby stores and drill small holes in the wall.

3. Cover walls with a beautiful rug.

If your walls have some blemishes such as little cracks, holes, and discoloration, you can quickly cover up these flaws by hanging a beautiful rug on your wall.

This instant wall art is the perfect cover-up for imperfections on your walls until the day you decide to carry out repairs and apply a fresh coat of interior decorative concrete paint.

4. Use string lights creatively.

For rooms that could use a bit of whimsy, invest in LED string lights. These lighting solutions offer versatile uses. You can place them in a jar to create luminaries, create a canopy of twinkling lights with them for children’s rooms, light doorways and windows with them, and so much more.

There’s no shortage of possibilities with string lights. But, one thing’s for sure, wherever and however you use them in or around your house, they will boost the charm of your home.

5. Use slipcovers for upholstered furniture.

You can have slipcovers made using fabrics in materials and patterns you love, or buy affordable ones available online. Slipcovers are game-changers because they provide a quick and easy way to change the color scheme of your rooms.

There are different kinds of slipcovers that you can use. You have those for headboards, dining chairs, couches, armchairs, and even refrigerators. And as mentioned earlier, they are quite affordable. Therefore, you can build a collection over time and have covers to suit different occasions and the changing seasons.

6. Accessorize with pillows.

These affordable accessories offer a commitment-free way to experiment with new patterns and colors for the different rooms in your home.

Plus, they are quite useful too, especially if you create a collection of various sizes of pillows to put on couches, armchairs, and floors. People can create their own seats and make-shift beds with these pillows.

7. Bring outdoor furniture in.

Another excellent way to improve your home’s interior style is by letting the outdoors in by using garden furniture in sunrooms, playrooms, and even home offices.

Garden furniture pieces introduce subtle drama with their varied textures. If you like a nature-like or tropical feel for your home, outdoor furniture like wicker seats, wood grain coffee tables, and iron stands are excellent options.

8. Decorate with plants.

If you have flourishing plants in your garden, consider bringing them into your home to bring texture and refreshing colors to the interior style. Just make sure that the plants you bring in are shade-tolerant and low-maintenance because these are what easily thrive indoors.

Start with small pots of succulents to hanging English Ivy, and standing palm or cactus for the different rooms in your home. These plants require very little care and can be placed anywhere inside the house (including the bathrooms).

9. Create symmetry.

One of the essential rules in achieving impressive interior design is to create symmetry. Robeson-Kinwoven, an interior design company based in San Diego, California, says that symmetry or balance is the best strategy in achieving beauty inside homes.

So, go around your house to spot imbalances with architecture and interior design. Follow this up by exploring solutions on how to balance things out. For example, if there’s a single, oddly placed window in a room that’s on one side of a big piece of furniture, such as a couch, balance it out by either placing a mirror or a framed artwork on the other side of the sofa.

Another balancing strategy to consider is for asymmetrical rooms. You can distract the eyes from the shape of the room by placing a big, rectangular area rug or carpet right in the center of the room. The balanced shape and size of the rug will create the illusion of symmetrical space.

10. Display pretty pictures.

If you find artwork to display at home too expensive, create your own. Buy a few cheap large picture frames from dollar stores or those popular 100-yen stores and search for old picture books in thrift stores. These are affordable yet just as pretty alternatives to the original works of artists.

Another idea to consider is displaying treasured images. Take a cue from photographer, Monica Rich Kosann, who shows off gorgeous and meaningful photographs in various creative ways. She places the pictures in glass vases or hurricanes, and floral frogs. She also suggests bringing a small moment to center stage by blowing up a beloved image onto a stretched canvas.

All these ideas do not require much work and cost much. However, you can trust that they will elevate the style and charm of your home.

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James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, one of the leading distributors of wallpapers, floorings, and fabrics in the Middle East and South Asia. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.

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