Advantages of a 360-Degree Feedback

September 6, 2019

Feedback is a vital component of effective communication. It allows the decoder or recipient to respond to the sender’s message. Receiving feedback is also necessary for businesses, as it determines whether they were able to satisfy their customers or not. Feedback is also a crucial part of every employee and employer relationship.

Exchanging feedback gives you satisfaction and enables you to work efficiently in the future. Often, the lack of feedback sparks communication issues between different parties, which is why it’s essential to accept and receive input from others.

What Feedback Do You Need?

360 Degree Feedback is a multi-rater feedback system that collects anonymous feedback from the people you work with every day. It could be from co-workers, supervisors, department heads, or subordinates. This type of feedback helps employees receive excellent and unbiased feedback from their co-workers. They can receive feedback that typically discusses:

  • Work Behavior
  • Work Competency
  • Working Relationships
  • Punctuality/Attendance
  • Contributions
  • Productivity and more

It’s a developmental instrument that benefits not only the employees but the higher-ups’ individuals as well.

How it Works

360 Degree Feedback is beneficial within a team-focused atmosphere. It gives the employees an in-depth analysis of their work performance and therefore, helps them to formulate ways on improving their competency. It also avoids the feeling of resentment between colleagues since the raters remain anonymous. By doing so, no personal relationships will get involved, and the results are only for professional matters.

Benefits of Using a 360-degree Performance Review

A business team or project management team can effectively benefit from a 360 performance review. Here are some of the prominent advantages you can get from utilizing a 360-degree performance review on your workspace:

Empowers Both Leaders and Employees

By doing a multi-rating system, leaders and employees alike can voice out their suggestions and proposals to the team. With this performance review, everyone can feel involved and one with the team’s objectives. Every team member must receive the right to speak out no matter what their positions are.

Initiates Continuous Work Improvement

This type of feedback allows the workspace to progress faster and finish more tasks. Enhanced productivity will help fuel the improvement of the working process and its results.

Promotes Self Awareness

A 360-degree performance review helps employees to discover what they are good at and what they should work on to become a better employee. They become open to an unbiased perspective of themselves and gladly welcome constructive criticisms or compliments.

Reveals Strengths and Weaknesses

The feedback will show not only an employee’s strengths and weaknesses; it can explain the company’s as well. By knowing the sectors you need to work on, you can fortify the foundation of your project and products.

Exchanging feedback creates a healthy relationship between colleagues. It also helps you grow into a person who is willing to open their ears on what others have to say to them. If you’re aiming for success, learning how to use feedback on your advantage is very significant.

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