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Become a Minimalist and Declutter Your Home With These Tips

December 29, 2020

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Rogers, 1879

This quote explains the irony of our lives! Humans love hoarding stuff even when we do not need it. We have an inherent love for all things glittery and materialistic. Owning valuable possessions gives us a sense of purpose and reassurance. However, hoarding is not a good habit. Minimalism is a concept that gained popularity quite recently. It is an art of living with only the bare minimum you need to survive a healthy, satisfying life. It kills the need to have a wardrobe full of shoes or clothes when all you will be wearing are your comfy jeans and sneakers!

Decluttering is proven to soothe the mind and bring peace to your surroundings. An over-crowded space creates anxiety and unease. Furthering on this idea, here we have a few tips for decluttering your house and embarking on the beautiful journey of minimalism:

  • Make A Pinky Promise to Only Buy What’s Necessary:

Now that you have decided to tread on the path to minimalism, we would advise you to make a few lifestyle amends. The first being to shop only when it is necessary. Impulsive shopping may feel great when you feel gloomy, but it is incredibly detrimental in the long-run. You end up buying stuff you do not need, and it occupies space in your house for no real reason! So, first step, no online shopping when you are sad! Period. 

  • Pack the Entire Room and Then Declutter:

One expert tip for decluttering is to pack up an entire room while only keeping the essentials. Over days, you only take-out things that you need from the packed stuff. The things you never take out from the cartons are those that need throwing out. It is a fun way of knowing what items are useless. 

If you think you do not have enough space in your house to accommodate the cartons, consider getting external storage near your home. For example, if you live in Texas, several companies offer self storage in Carrollton or other cities in your state. You can choose one and shift your belongings. Some services also provide pick-up and delivery of belongings, which is an ideal feature for your decluttering project. 

  • Take Baby Steps When Decluttering:

You may wake up one fine day, think you need to declutter, and then start rummaging around the house for things you do not need. But let us tell you, it does not work this way. Decluttering is a lengthy process and requires quite a lot of commitment. It is best to take baby steps and start with one room at a time. For example, you could pick your kitchen or your basement to declutter first. It will also prevent you from overwhelming yourself and giving up midway on your decluttering project. 

  • Make Use of the 6-Second Rule:

We hoard stuff because we often feel confused about whether we need those things or not. We contemplate this fact and then fear we might require them later, which prevents us from dumping. And this is why experts invented the 6-second rule. If you pick up an item, think over whether you need it, and do not get an answer within six seconds, the answer is, most probably, no.  

  • Throw Away Broken Items:

It is normal to feel that you can use broken items by fixing them. But if they have been lying around for over months and you still have not, you perhaps do not need them. It may be difficult, but you will have to discard these items to declutter. Also, make a rule of throwing away all broken things that you did not get fixed within a month. 

  • Adopt A Habit of Donating Possessions:

Why keep things stocked in your cupboard when someone else could be using them right now? Hoarding is a selfish trait. The best way to get over this habit is to donate all that you have not used over the past six months. It could include clothes, shoes, books, pots, pans, covers, blankets, or anything you do not use anymore. It will help you feel good too by seeing other people use your stuff and get happy—it is a great way to feel content and fulfilled. 


Becoming a minimalist is all about living a simpler life. Our lives today are full of stress, unrealistic expectations, and unfair standards. After a hectic day, it is best to come to a home that offers peace and tranquility. And it is achievable by decluttering your space and adopting a minimalistic lifestyle. We are optimistic that the tips mentioned above will surely help ease your journey towards creating a simpler life.

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