Best Self-Protection Devices for Any Situation

September 6, 2019

Protecting yourself from physical harm is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to everyone. After all, being able to protect yourself against all dangers does not only create reassurance, but it also boosts your confidence. Keep in mind that people are living in a dangerous world where all manners of trouble loom around the corner.

Victims of crimes come in all genders, ages, sizes, and status, which leaves everyone vulnerable to such attacks. Dangers like these are the reasons why you should arm yourself with some weapons that can come handy at any time. Fortunately, there are a plethora of simple devices on the market, which can help you defend against attackers.

Best of all, these weapons do not require training and are easy to handle. Here are some simple yet effective protection devices that you can carry daily.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is among the most popular protection devices that provide an invaluable solution to dealing with attacks. More often than not, pepper sprays come in feminine shapes like lipsticks, which make it harder for an attacker to determine what is happening their way.

Your attacker will most likely put his guard down when they look at it. What’s more, pepper sprays come in small sizes, thus, enabling them to fit it anywhere. In general, a pepper spray contains extract from cayenne pepper, which results in temporary sneezing, pain, tearing, and blindness.

The effect of pepper spray allows people to fight off their attackers and escape quickly to a safe play. However, carrying pepper sprays are illegal in some states. Perform research before purchasing a pepper spray online to avoid hefty fines or a maximum of two years of imprisonment.

Modern Defense Alert Devices

One of the best alternatives to pepper spray is a personal protection device that offers modern features such as alerts and GPS tracking. In most cases, these modern defense alert devices also have an alarm system, which is responsible for disorienting the attacker and informing people nearby.

Modern defense devices with continuous alarm in 130 decibels are a desirable choice because of its loud noise which boomerangs all over the location. Usually, these personal protection devices pack an unnoticeable panic button that you can press at any event of trouble.

All these features enable your loved ones to ensure that you arrive safely to your destination.

In choosing a personal protection device, always opt for a cost-effective weapon which is portable enough to carry in your pocket. While it can scare off most attackers, picking a colossal protection device provides intruders an idea on how to de-capacitate you to gain possession of your belongings.

Stun Guns and Batons

Stun batons and guns work by creating temporary confusion and shock to the attacker, giving you adequate time to leave the scene. The working mechanism for both stun guns and batons is relatively easy. With a pull of a trigger, you release thousands of volts into the attacker’s body.

Plus, you can easily hide them in your pocket and hang them on your waist strap for more convenience.

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