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Choosing Your Aquarium? Here’s What You Need to Consider

January 24, 2019

Pets are a common sight in many people’s houses. From cats to dogs to a pet fish, you name them. Now, a pet fish is no ordinary pet because of the investment required. For starters, you must have an aquarium with live aquarium plants.

Titan Aquatic Exhibits Fish Tanks which you can buy. However, settling on a suitable aquarium can be a daunting task, especially if don’t know which factors to consider.

Thanks to this article, you can put aside your worries because you’ll learn the various factors you must consider when buying an aquarium.

1. The Bigger the Better

The aquarium size is important and many people overlook this factor. With a bigger tank, you’ll have an easier time maintaining it compared to a smaller one. One reason is fish produce a lot of waste. This includes uneaten food, pee, and poop.

All these will break down to release chemical toxins harmful to your fish. This is why you must replace the water a while. With a smaller tank, these toxins will accumulate faster since the water in it is little, thus the water gets concentrated with the toxins.

In contrast, a bigger tank means more water and more water means it’ll take a longer time for the toxins to concentrate. Therefore, as a beginner, a larger tank is the best.

2. The Aquarium’s Location

Your aquarium’s location will depend on the tank’s weight. For instance, a heavy tank will need a secure and sturdy location in order to support its weight. In addition, since the tank is heavy, you don’t want to move it around so often.

Therefore, the location will impact the type of aquarium you’ll buy.

3. What’s Your Budget?

You’re not going into a store to get just any fish tank. You have a budget and this will include how much intend to spend on the aquarium and regular maintenance. Most people forget the second, yet it’s a recurring expense.

For example, a larger fish tank means numerous expenses since you’ll need:

  • A bigger heater
  • A bigger filter
  • More water conditioner for water treatment

Yes, the bigger the better, but your budget will dictate the type of fish tank you’ll buy.

4. The type of Fish and the Size

Of course, the fish will influence the type of aquarium you’ll buy. First off, your fish may come as a baby. This means you must factor in its growth until they’re adults. You don’t want your fish struggling to make a turn in the aquarium, now do you?

Furthermore, you must also consider the type of fish you’ll stock. Some fish have territorial behaviors. As such, it’ll bully other fish they find in their area. Therefore, you must research the type of fish you’ll keep to avoid such behaviors.

5. The Tank’s Opening

The tank’s opening matters a lot. In fact, more than you think. This is why.

Fish is a living organism and it requires oxygen to live. Oxygen is in the water and the more the fish in the aquarium, the less the oxygen. This may cause suffocation, but how does oxygen enter the tank?

Yes, through the opening which is also the water’s surface.

If you have a tank with a large opening, then more oxygen will enter the fish tank. The more the oxygen, the more fish you can stock. Therefore, get a tank which has a large opening surface area.


If you’re reading this part it means you have the information necessary to pick the most suitable fish tank. Overall, you must take time when making a decision because once you buy one, there’s no turning back.

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