Complete Guide on Budgeting Tips for Your Wedding Vendors

September 22, 2021

Finalizing the budget for your wedding is a crucial part of planning your big day. Every last penny should be allocated to the costs that you will incur. Before you complete this, make sure that you don’t forget to set a budget to tip your wedding vendor. Many couples forget to do this, or don’t realize they should, but here are some of the reasons why setting aside enough resources for tips is a great idea.

Saves You Money

Contrary to what is usually thought of when setting aside a budget, you can save more when you already have a designated fund for tips. This can help you avoid going over your wedding budget due to this unforeseen extra expense.

Avoid Decisions You May Regret

It’s nice to tip your wedding vendors when you know they have done a great job. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes we tend to be too generous in our excitement with the tips we give away. Allocating an exact amount of money for tips will help you avoid giving away more than you expected.

Build a Good Client-Supplier-Relationship

Having the right vendors to help you with your wedding checklist is such a wonderful feeling. It’s hard to find the perfect suppliers to make your dream a reality. Nowadays, it is challenging to find affordable, do it yourself online wedding rentals. Tips are a simple but effective way of showing your appreciation to the teams that have made such a difference to your day.

Avoid the Regret of Forgetting a Supplier

Preparing your tips ahead of time will save you from the potential embarrassment of forgetting to show your gratitude to those who helped you ace your wedding day.

If you want to make sure that you acknowledge every vendor for their service, here’s a list you can use as a guide:

Wedding Delivery and Setup Staff

If you’d like extra care given to the things you’ll need on your wedding day, spending a relatively small amount of money on those who’ll handle them is the key. It’s not easy to deliver things safely. Setting up on your big day can be a difficult task. If you choose wall drapery rentals for your wedding in order to make it more affordable, spending a little more on tips could be a great way of thanking those that made it happen.

Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup Artist

Let’s face it. Hairstylists and makeup artists provide more than what is on their contract. They usually face multiple requests from your bridesmaids or sometimes even from your other special guests. Requests for slight touch ups or reviving curls can take a lot of time. They deserve a tip for that.

Photo Booth Attendant

Although it doesn’t require too much effort to assist at a photo booth, you can include this person on the list of those you are giving tips to if they have done an amazing job.

Wedding Planner

They’re not expecting a tip since their services are on a contract but a token of appreciation to your wedding planner is a beautiful gesture.


Most wedding officiants don’t require any payment for their services but you may want to set aside some funds for this. It can either be a cash donation for their church or organization or just a small gift.

Wedding Ceremony Musicians

Musicians at your ceremony can set the mood of your entire special day. This vendor is often at the end of the wedding checklist but deserves plenty of attention. Make sure to tip your wedding vendor for bringing the gift of music to your big day.

Catering Staff

Although you’re paying for this service on a contract, consider showing your gratitude by tipping the staff making and serving your delicious wedding food, which is such an important element of the day.

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Photographers and videographers capture the magic of your day and immortalize it in beautiful images and prints. Show them how much you appreciate it by building a tip for them into your budget.

If it’s not stated in the contract, you are not required to tip your wedding vendor. You may choose to show your appreciation in other ways, rather than giving tips. But if you are planning on tipping, preparing a budget for this expense beforehand is highly recommended.

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