11 Tips to Plan an Extravagant and Memorable Wedding

December 15, 2022

How can you plan your wedding luxuriously without overwhelming your budget? Well, it’s not impossible to organize a connubial ceremony cost-effectively. Statistics indicate that more than 2 million weddings take place annually in the United States. It means 6,000+ weddings happen daily, with 12,000+ people tying the knot. 

An average person spends $28,000 on nuptials, and the thing that makes weddings expensive is the venue. However, there are many ways you can have an extravagant marriage ceremony without breaking the bank on your special day. 

Follow the suggestions mentioned below, and a luxurious wedding will become a reality soon. So, here are some simple tips for planning a wedding lavishly:

  • Create a budget

First, it all starts with having a budget for your luxury wedding. Lavishness doesn’t have to involve squandering a fortune, as it can always be budget-friendly if you’re careful. You must create a spreadsheet and estimate the approximate expenditure of the ceremony. 

That’s how you can compare the quotes you’ll get from different vendors. Getting different quotes will help you organize a lavish event without hurting your budget. Remember that carefully-planned luxury weddings can be affordable for everyone.

  • Discuss luxury locations

Choosing the perfect location can give your wedding the extravagant appearance you were hoping for. The trick is to decide on an exotic setting, such as an intercontinental marriage ceremony. 

And the best place to have an intercontinental marriage ceremony is Fiji. So, go for the Intercontinental Fiji Wedding at the famous Natadola Beach to beautify this event. Fiji’s amazing aesthetics will make you fall in love with the place and captivate the guests attending your wedding. But don’t forget to talk about luxury locations with your fiancé first.

  • Go for minimalism

Remember that luxury weddings aren’t necessarily about extravagance. There’s another way to give your wedding a decent façade, i.e., going for minimalism. Minimalism has become a trend in the USA, and it helps attain elegant wedding decorations. 

It’s elegance-cum-sophistication that has become the hallmark of luxury for some people. Minimalistic decorations involve using the right strategy to convey a luxurious appearance at an event. 

  • Choose your style

Wedding planners always ask couples to choose a style guide for the wedding. It’s like selecting your theme, and this theme, when chosen carefully, can give the ceremony a luxurious appearance. Now, you can browse through Instagram posts and Pinterest boards to create your style guide properly. 

A style guide like that would help decorators produce the luxurious appearance you’re going for. Ultimately, it’s all about taking inspiration from the right sources to organize a luxury wedding.

  • Hire decent photographers

A luxury wedding isn’t complete without a decent photographer who can candidly capture some of the event’s most memorable moments. Hiring the right person for photography can make the ceremony extravagant and memorable. 

The photographers will be responsible for capturing unique features of your wedding to make it look like a celebrity marriage—no wonder the average cost is $2,5000 right now for wedding photography. So, ask for the best people for this job for your big day.

  • Smell those flowers

Nothing makes a marriage ceremony more extravagant than an intelligently-decorated venue. Allow your florist to implement your Pinterest pins carefully and accentuate the venue’s natural façade. 

A cautiously-crafted flower arrangement will give the ceremony a prolific pretense. In the end, it’s just about the floral patterns. So, hiring a master florist for your wedding is important. Experts state that you must set aside 8-10 percent of your budget for wedding flowers and other decorations.

  • Try scaled-back dining

The food you serve to your guests doesn’t have to mimic fine dining, but it can still give an impression of extravagance to everyone. You can serve your guests amuse-bouche, finger food, and delicious soup to make the event appear lavish in a budget-friendly manner. 

Instead of a four-course meal, it is better to serve a buffet-style breakfast, as per the scaled-back dining vogue that’s been in fashion since 2020.

  • Serve them prosecco

Another extravagant but budget-friendly trick involves serving everyone prosecco. There’s no reason why you can’t serve prosecco instead of champagne. Moreover, there are several drinks you can use as a substitute for champagne. Here are some options other than prosecco that come to mind:

  • Cava
  • Cremant 
  • Sparkling wines
  • Dazzle with cakes

Ask your baker to prepare a unique cake for your wedding to mesmerize the guests. Use the cake to showcase your dazzling personality and demonstrate your unique passions in front of everyone. 

A combination of colorful patterns and tumbling flowers is something you need to give this wedding an elegant appearance. A traditional three-tier cake may cost you $300-800 and serve 100-150 guests in a ceremony. But it’s the flavor and the design of the cake that matters the most.

  • Book a musician

Many people hire musicians to entertain the guests with their melodies and hone the bride’s arrival with decent-sounding tunes. However, instead of booking a DJ for the entire ceremony, you can hire someone for the beginning and the first dance. 

For the remainder of the day, you can manage with a few pre-recorded songs from your playlist to keep everyone entertained. 

  • Get that dress

The dress is one of the most important aspects of a luxury wedding after the venue. A typical wedding dress will cost $1,800 if you go by the national average. However, there are no rules stating that brides can’t wear expensive, fashionable, and eye-catching dresses. 

Choose a dress that accentuates your personality, and follow your heart when choosing the right design. Ultimately, you can give the ceremony a luxurious appearance just by buying a trendy wedding dress.


To nail an extravagant wedding, start by making a budget and selecting a venue. Choose an exotic place to get married to make the ceremony as extravagant as possible. Choose the style carefully and make the venue look amazing by adjusting the lighting. Hire decent chefs, florists, musicians, and photographers to give guests a luxurious experience. Also, be cautious about what you’re serving your guests (food’s a luxury too). Try scaled-back dining, a popular trend since 2020. These simple tips will make the wedding an amazing experience for you and your spouse. Eventually, you’ll never forget this luxurious experience as long as you thrive.

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