Direct Mail Is Interactive: Know-How?

February 25, 2022

Most experienced marketers are aware that despite the current age being significantly data-driven, direct mail is highly effective in reaching your customer base. This is particularly true if it is done through suitable methods.

Direct mail marketing can comprise any physical advertising material and content you send to your existing or potential customers. It should contain a clear and encouraging call to action (CTA) and allow the customers to visit your website and contact you.

The most significant benefit of direct mail is that it is interactive and has the potential to be even more interactive than it already is. Let’s take a closer look at direct mail, why it is interactive, and the different ways to make it more effective and interactive.

Why is Direct Mail Interactive?

The main reason why direct mail is interactive is that it allows the customers to actually look at the mail before they decide to keep or discard it. As a result, you reach more people and get more eyes on your marketing. This is why it is believed that direct mail can reach a broader range of target audiences than any digital marketing initiative.

If your target audience does not use social media, direct mail is the best way to reach them. Hence, you can reach people who might have otherwise missed your electronic ads. Moreover, there is also a massive potential to get creative with direct mail and interact with existing or potential customers.

How to Make Direct Mail Interactive? 

More and more companies are increasing their marketing efforts and leveraging direct mail to reach a broader range of consumers. To stand out from your competition, you will need to make your direct mail marketing efforts more interactive. This will help your marketing be more memorable and effective.

Here are some of the ways to engage your target audience and make your direct mail initiatives more interactive:

  • Add a Personal Touch

Though a simple tactic, adding a personal message for each potential customer can actually be quite effective. Small gestures of personal touches, such as addressing them by their name or adding signatures, can also make your mail memorable.

Direct mail gives you the opportunity to make your potential customers feel recognized and noticed. This can be pretty effective in generating leads and sales. 

  • Add a Next-Step Call-To-Action (CTA)

All types of marketing material, especially direct mail, should contain clear calls to action. But this should not be towards only one channel, but rather several ones. This will make your marketing efforts more effective.

For example, you can include a QR code that leads them to a landing page or a free coupon or discount code they can use. Using qr code in emails is quite the trend now too. This will allow you to use physical mail as a way to enhance your digital interactions with customers as well.

  • Leverage Virtual or Augmented Reality

While this tactic may be costly, it can actually be quite effective. It will help set your business aside from your competitors and make it unique. AR and VR will provide an exciting and interactive experience to all your readers. Additionally, it can also be a great way to showcase your products and services.

The Bottom Line

When direct mail is interactive, it can certainly allow you to give a modern twist on a traditional marketing channel. As a result, you will be able to reach a broader range of audiences and increase your sales. While this may be one of the oldest ways of marketing, it is still quite effective.

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