Do Zoom Meetings Make You Nervous?

February 21, 2022

Let’s face it: Many of us have at least a little anxiety before a Zoom call. We may feel this way for many reasons: public speaking anxiety, unexpected tech issues, embarrassing interruptions and struggles with communication. There’s also the worry that you may forget Zoom etiquette stuff such as muting your mic or hitting the wrong controls. Fortunately, there are methods for dealing with this anxiety and having a successful meeting. From pre-meeting prep like Zoom immersive view templates to confident speaking techniques, you can do a lot to make your meeting a success.  

Get Into The Right Mindset

Mental and emotional preparation are both key for a video conference call. Of course, you want to review your agenda and notes beforehand. But with this preparation, you feel more relaxed and confident — this can help set the meeting’s tone. A few tips can help you deal with anxiety in a healthy way:

  • Name what you’re feeling and why. 
  • Perform a “reality check.” Take time to consider all possibilities and don’t immediately believe your worst assumptions. 
  • Try breathing exercises like the “4-7-8” method: Inhale for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds. 

If your workspace is cluttered, this may also cause anxiety. It may not be feasible to change certain things or you may not have time to do a rush tidy-up job. Thankfully, a professional-style custom office background for Zoom can make you look more polished no matter what your home office looks like. 

Use A Strong Voice

Staying present and fully engaged is also important for getting the most out of your Zoom call. By focusing on the call and the agenda at hand, you’re less likely to let yourself run away with negative thoughts. It can also help you be ready to express yourself in a clear and concise way. 

Before you begin speaking, you’ll want to choose a focal point. Eye contact helps you connect with other participants, so it’s wise to occasionally look at their eyes for a few seconds. In fact, eye contact has a calming effect on most people. You can also choose your webcam as a focal point: Your eyes will be front and center as a newscaster’s are, which can help you look more professional. 

When speaking to your audience, you want to be sure that you are heard. Before the call starts, make sure you test the mic. As you speak, use a clear and confident voice at moderate volume. Don’t be afraid to let emotion shine through, especially as you make important points. Finally, slow down your talking speed by about 10% to 20%. This ensures that your audience can easily follow your words. 

A Final Word About Virtual Backgrounds

As mentioned earlier, Zoom backgrounds can elevate your meetings. A professional-looking setting may also boost your confidence and aid in presentation. While Zoom virtual backgrounds run seamlessly on most newer computers, older ones may have a little bit of trouble due to not meeting Zoom backgrounds requirements. But with some useful hacks, you can still make them work. It’s one more thing that contributes to a successful video call. 

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