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Ditch The Cables and Cords and Experience Smart Home Living

May 14, 2019

In case it isn’t obvious yet, we’re inching closer to the Jetson era where we have robots doing our chores at home and almost everything can be controlled remotely. We’re almost past cords and plugs, and onto Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled appliances and fixtures that are packed with different features we can access through our phones or tablets.

Indeed, the smart home setup is one of the major technological developments of our time. We can start to view all the smart home range offered in the market and see that almost anything can be controlled via mobile app — even bulbs!

So what do we get from it? Why do people go to all that trouble to make sure their Wi-Fi is strong enough and that everything is compatible with their chosen automated assistant. Here, we discuss the many advantages of making your home a smart home.

Convenient access to all smart devices

One of the primary reasons for adapting a smart home is the convenience it affords homeowners. Imagine being able to manage all your home devices in one place. This includes your entertainment hub, lighting, cooling and heating, and music and other devices integrated into your remote control system.

Additionally, you wouldn’t have to worry about knowing all the functions of each of your devices. Each feature is conveniently listed down in the accompanying app and you can just tap into it for full use.

Seamless integration

You’ll want to keep upgrading your tech as new models are released. The great thing about a smart home is how flexible the appliances are in terms of integration. You can keep expanding and adding to your suite of devices and not worry about compatibility. Just make sure you’ve chosen just one voice-activated home assistant like the Google Home so that there’s only one hub controlling all of your tech.

Advanced security system

Statistics show that in the US alone, a house gets broken into every 13 seconds. A lot of homeowners take precautions like having double-locked doors or hiring a house sitter when they’re away. But what if you can do away with all of that and still be able to secure your house properly?

You can outfit your Home Security Systems that doesn’t just detect break-ins, but also other dangers like fire, excessive levels of carbon monoxide, and even flooding. You can install doorbells that come with video cameras so that you know who’s by your front door before they even start knocking. And when there’s suspicious activity, your security system will automatically alert law enforcement. There’s also a feature that mimics activity at home. So even if you’re away, people outside will think it’s occupied.

Make your home more energy efficient

You’d think that it might require more power to maximise the functionality of a smart home, but it actually doesn’t. In fact most smart home devices can be used with less power than normal appliances. This is because you can schedule when everything turns on and off. For instance, there are thermostats that learn your schedule so that it starts heating or cooling a room only when there’s someone in it.

A smart home is an investment you’d want to take. Once you have everything installed and integrated into one app or voice assistant, you can easily enjoy these benefits.

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