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The Three Most Common Reasons For Your Air Conditioner To Stop Cooling

January 5, 2021

In the summer months, you’ll need an air conditioning unit. Whether you just like to take the edge off the heat or cool your house to winter standards, an air conditioner will help to ensure you are comfortable at home.

However, the summer months are also the most common time for the air conditioning unit to fail, leaving you sweltering in the extreme heat.

If your air conditioner stops cooling it’s likely to be one of the following three issues:

1. Age

The older your air conditioner is the more likely it is to fail. This is simple logistics, regardless of how good the brand is.

Air conditioners contain several moving parts. Every time the unit is used these parts are moving and wearing slightly. The older and more frequently used the device the more likely it is that one of those moving parts will stop working smoothly or properly. 

At this point, the unit is likely to pack up and you’ll need to start thinking about a new nit. The key, at this point, is to use a reputable local specialist in air conditioning sales.

2. Lack of Servicing

An air conditioner is made up of moving parts and filters. In order for these to last as long as possible, it is important to have the unit serviced regularly. This will ensure worn out parts are replaced before they can damage other parts.

Regular service and maintenance won’t just help to ensure your air conditioning unit keeps cooling. They can also extend the life of the unit, reducing the longer-term costs.  

It may seem annoying but booking in an annual service, ideally during the winter months, can help to ensure you have air conditioning when you need it.

3. Mechanical Failure

Even if you’ve serviced your air conditioning unit regularly it is possible for it to fail. There are many reasons why a well-looked after air conditioner can fail.  It can be a leak in the cooling fluid, a blocked filter causing a strain on the pump, or even pump failure.

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of mechanical failure but doesn’t eliminate it. Mechanical failure can happen. If it does you’ll want to contact the professionals as soon as possible. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s worth saving or needs to be replaced. 

Don’t forget, when considering mechanical failure this can be a result of a damaged power supply. If the power goes off to your home, or your circuit breaker is tripped, the air conditioner won’t be able to cool the home, because it won’t have any power.

It’s essential that you verify there is power to the unit before you start considering any other options. A blown fuse is easy to replace, or you can switch the circuit breaker back on. But, if it blows again you know you have an electrical issue. It’s a good idea to get professional help with this, it will help to avoid you getting an electric shock.

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