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Does HOA Insurance Cover Condos Flooding?

March 9, 2020

Depending on your geographical location, heavy rains and inclement weather are inevitable. That means your home takes a beating and may experience irreparable damage.

If you own a condo and live in an area prone to flooding, you need to know if your HOA insurance covers it.

Water damage caused by flooding contaminates your home. Mud and sediments make their way into your home via high waters. When the waters settle, sewage and other raw pollutants take up residence all over the house.

After two to three days, moisture causes mold that hazardous to your health. There’s also the possibility of erosion.
Who’s financially responsible when a condo floods? Does HOA insurance cover the flooding? Should it? Find the answers in this guide.

What is HOA Insurance?

HOA is the abbreviation for homeowner’s association. For condominiums, it’s referred to as a condo board. When you purchase a property that has it’s own governing body, it comes with its own rules, restrictions, and benefits.

The HOA assesses dues and other assessments. The dues cover things like utilities and insurance premiums. Outside of what you pay for a mortgage, these fees can cost upward to $1000 per month.

It’s like owning a home in an apartment complex. You get all the amenities but at a price.

The Master Insurance Policy

Typical HOAs have a master insurance policy. It’s a type of property and liability insurance that covers damage and personal injury. That includes damages to the structure of the building and common areas

All members in the HOA body pay an equal amount towards the policy upfront in their dues.

Physical Damage

The master policy covers damage to common areas shared by all owners. That includes roofs, commons walls, stairwells, and pools. In the event of a fire, flooding, winds, and vandalism, expect coverage.

With condominiums, the master policy covers a little differently. Everything inside the walls of the condo is the owner’s responsibility. Consequently, the master policy covers the outside common areas of the condo.

In some cases, master policies cover the interior bare wall.


If an owner or visitor gets injured in a common area, the liability portion of the policy covers it.
That includes slip and falls in a stairwell or pathway and drownings in one of the community pools. You have a right to sue for a monetary reward.

HO-6 Condo Insurance

Condo owners can carry insurance besides the master policy called HO-6 condo insurance. This insurance works differently than the “walls out” version of the master policy.

Condominium insurance covers personal property, improvements, and provides liability coverage. That extends protection to the inside of the condo in the event of flooding and earthquakes.

In the event of a natural disaster, you don’t have to struggle to look for the best water damage cleanup and restoration.

Find Out If You’re Covered

Living in a condominium with a condo board is essentially the same as living on a property with an HOA. The difference is the HOA insurance.

If you’re concerned about a natural disaster, check your policies to make sure you’re covered against flooding.
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