Effects of Alcoholic Parents on Children

December 1, 2018

The people who have alcoholic parents are going to have problems later in life because an imprint is left on them. There are some things here that you can learn from, and you need to be sure that you have chosen to learn about how you were brought up so that you can make changes to your own lifestyle. You deserve to have a much different experience than your parents, and you need to realize what having alcoholic parents did to you. If you drink too much, you need to think about what you could be doing to your parents.

1. Kids Miss Out

Everyone has to go to rehab that they could find at, but they also need to remember that their kids are going to miss out. The kids that are seeing their parents go off to rehab will miss out on part of their parents as they grow up, and it could be very hard for you to have a tight relationship with your kids if you have not been around all the time.

2. Kids Learn About Drugs and Alcohol the Wrong Way

Kids will learn about drugs and alcohol the wrong way when they are watching you abuse these substances. Kids start to think that they should experiment or that it is not all that harmful. This is something that could lead them to make the same mistakes that you made earlier in your life. You also do not want to have these things around your kids because there are residual effects especially if they have been breathing in smoke.

3. They Are Violently Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol

You might think that this would be a good thing, but a kid who is violently opposed to drugs and alcohol will have a hard time being an adult because they will have this horrible and visceral reaction to the substances they see. Your kids need to be in a place where they can handle drugs and alcohol without flying off the handle. You are teaching them to hate anything and anyone related with drugs or alcohol, but that could stunt their growth because they could miss out on things that are healthy for them because they are always afraid of drugs and alcohol.

4. They Have Anger Issues

Your kids could turn out to have anger issues because they see the anger that comes about when you are drinking or high. You might not be an angry drunk or addict, but you do not always know what you say and do when you are high or drunk. You have to be sure that you have chosen to keep this away from he kids because they will carry it with them.

There are many kids who will have a very hard time coping with your addiction because they will feel like you are not paying them any mind. You need to remember this when you bring your addiction home with you every day.

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