Everything Need to Know About Amazon Sponsored Display Ads!

May 25, 2021

Ever focused that a display ad can maintain and buy you visitors and buyers for your product? These display ads are more than worth it. They collect audiences from different pages and generate traffic on your brands and products. 

Amazon sponsored display ads are very reliable as they are by top leading platforms. If you are already an amazon partner and selling your products there, you can have easy access to their top-notch advertising tools, if not, then feel free to take guidance from an Amazon agency to get started. 

Significance of These Display Ads

To boost sales on your product and to generate leads, amazon’s advertising tool is perfect. From these tools, one of the most reliable and preferred tools is sponsored display ad. These ads gain attention within just a minimum period.

These sponsored ads allow you to meet the targeted audience and get the filtered audience. These audiences either become loyal or just a one-time customer of your brand. These ads will appear on the relevant pages by the negative keyword technique of Amazon. 

Talking in a bit of a descriptive manner, this article will increase your knowledge about amazon’s sponsored display ads. Here you will have an idea of how it works, how to manage them, and how to get a balanced and profitable result through different strategies.

Understanding a Display Ad

First of all, knowing what sponsored product, sponsored ad, and display ad is started. Sponsored products are invested and backed by some other businessman; they are supported by some parent companies.

These sponsored ads are effective and resourceful for these products present on Amazon. Ads help to bring your product to the top position whenever you search for a similar keyword in the search engine. This eventually boats your sale and gives a good outcome.

A new type of Amazon PPC marketing technique is sponsored display ads, introduced in recent times of 2021. In the early times of the invention of display ads, it had a great outcome and 25% of sellers got affected by this campaign. 

Sponsored Ads Vs. Sponsored Products

There is a major difference between these sponsored ads, sponsored brands, and sponsored products. The difference is just that, the program’s target audience over their search histories, their preference, their interest, and their shopping behaviors. It also depends upon viewers’ history and their search engine keywords.


Sponsored ad is also a self-service you can target an audience from anywhere you want. This way you are generating your audience yourself. This results in you growing your brand or product over Amazon. 

Sponsored ads keep on popping up continuously, keeps the audience engaged, and stay longer as they keep on digging from product to product and end up buying your product. It is a profitable journey of a customer to you.

Role of AI

After the sponsor ad service, amazon starts playing its role and gathers the information through AI of customers search list and keeps on showing your product to the relevant browsers.

Ever experienced sponsored ads on Amazon while shopping? They are following your views and start showing you a similar product to the last one you have seen. The AI follows your searches and shows you the relevant top articles of all time.

Once you click on the ad, you are now directed to that product and engaged in the purchase journey. This sponsored ad technique generates a powerful impact and leaves the viewers in a wow state. 

According to the Amazon theory, it says that “⅓ of the audience use a single channel to shop and they have very few chances to change their channel. So, Amazon sponsored display ads will help you to redirect customers from similar articles to your product and keep the direction towards your direction.

How it Works

Similar to other advertising programs, Sponsored display ads are the same as the PPC program. All you need to set is your daily budget and your bid, then you are all into the sponsored display ad program. For a more detailed guide check our Amazon PPC guide for sellers. 

These sponsored ads do not need minimum investment. They have multiple types which are,

Audience Targeting

As written above, sponsored display ads are easy to target the wanted audience. This creates awareness of your brand and increases flexibility. Related to the search history, Sponsored display ads will filter the serious buyers of your product. The least possible period that will be tracking the visitor history is 90 days.

Product Targeting

Sponsored display ads, allow you to target similar products as per your preference. In this method, you can cross-sell your product and can promote it to a higher level easily. It is among the active audience browsing history, similar interest will keep on popping up through the Amazon sponsored display ads. 

To steal the competitor’s traffic you can generate coupons, BOGO deals, promotion deals, lower your price a bit compared to the competitor’s product, and gather as much as the audience you want.

Audience View Targeting

If you are more than concerned about the previous audience and want them to become your daily and loyal customers then this strategy is for you. Just reach the audience who have reached your product already, keep on interacting with them by these sponsored display ads. Here they will probably come to your product and buy it for sure.

Your ad will only appear to those who have visited your product in the last 30 days. This strategy is eligible for only third-party sellers or vendors.

Key Takeaways

Sponsored brands and products always appear on the top of your home page. Sponsored display ad appears on the third-party website or app. Just right below any product, a relevant sponsored display ad will appear.

You do not need a large budget to apply these sponsored ads, just a few clicks and your sponsored ad will start running. Just go to “advertising site” tap on “campaign manager” and then “create a campaign” design the audience and filter it all you want. Choose the display set budget, set duration from which date till when you want the ad to run. Make sure to set the end date, sometimes it remains open and loses so much money but the good point is that you gain an audience.

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