ID Card Printing: How you Can Use your Card Printer

January 29, 2020

Identity cards elevate the safety and organisation of your entire company, whether you are a business with a workforce, a government building, an events space or a recreational location such as a pub or club, you’ll benefit massively from investing in an ID card printer. You might be thinking that you don’t need to drop a tonne of money on an expense that is seemingly rarely used, maybe your staff has minimal turnover, or your building has a security system that operates on a staffed or sign in basis?

Well, your card printer can actually do a little more than you give it credit for! Here’s what you can use your card printer for when you’re not printing IDs…


Identity cards can absolutely double up as access cards, however, you can also print separate cards that allow entry into specific areas or floors of your building. This could apply to staff only areas, meeting rooms or office spaces. A key card minimises time spent trying to get in and out of different locations, making the overall movement of your business smoother and faster.

Rewards Systems:

Rewards systems are fantastic to put in place in any company environment. This can take any form that you like, for example, if you run a club you can place a rewards system on a number of visits or length of membership. A rewards system encourages routine visits and affinity with both your company and your staff, so it’s a great and cost-effective change that could generate big results.

Loyalty Cards:

This point is similar to a rewards system but is a little simpler. Use your loyalty cards at your company café or in your car park to benefit your staff’s day to day routine. Adding some sunshine into your company culture with a free coffee is a great way to strengthen affinity and overall sentiment.


Membership programs transform pubs, clubs and any other leisure-based company! A membership card is a tangible reminder that your customers are linked to your brand, and they can even encourage visitors to recommend your business to their social circle, your card is always in their wallet, after all!

Membership cards can track visits, store information that helps you better understand your business and be loaded with membership rewards or perks that will encourage members to renew every year.

Business Cards:

Getting business cards printed can be quite an ordeal, and your ID card printer takes all the pain out of it! With the right card design software, you can mock-up a selection of amazing designs to choose your perfect business card from. These are fantastically handy during meetings, at job interviews or when you want to create a lasting impression on a few new business connections. If you frequently attend industry events or social dinners with your professional circle, they are an absolute must.

Company Gift Cards:

Company gift cards are perfect when you’re in a large corporation that sees a lot of new members of staff or just high staff turn over in general. A company gift card is the perfect leaving present, reward for hard work on a certain project or group birthday present! This can be branded with your logo to make it look extra special!

These are just some of the ways that you can get more use out of your ID card printer. It’s a fantastic way to invest in your company’s safety, culture, staff and customer base, so there really is no reason not to dive in and secure yourself a printer. Explore zebra printers to find the perfect fit for you and your business.

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