From The Office To The Party: Party Dress Models

September 13, 2021

It’s hard to argue that the trendy parties are themed ones. The main thing in such a holiday is the outfit. The dress must fully match the given theme. Today, the popularity of such parties has increased, so how to buy party dresses is not difficult.

1. Gangster Party Dresses

Once you’re invited to a party, you should start by looking for a 1930s dress. The style of the outfit should fully correspond to the image of the girlfriends of the bandits of those years. Most popular colors:

Gangster party dresses can be of two types:

  • Laconic design, no decorations. At the same time, it must combine sexuality, audacity, and courage.
  • Decorated with fringe or lace. The dress should testify to the femininity, lightness, and intelligence of its owner.

Also, remember that the dress for such a theme party can be short or long, it all depends on your taste. Don’t forget to complement your outfit with a feather headband or oversized brooch.

2. Themed Party Dress

Nowadays, the organization of leisure has gone far from the same type of feast and prim corporate parties. A real holiday is bright emotions and always new reasons. This is why various themed parties are so relevant. And here there are endless spaces for the flight of imagination! It can be a court ball with luxurious low-cut outfits or reckless dances of dudes in acid-colored suits, a photo studio of the 40s in black and white, a cowboy rodeo with indispensable hats and plaid shirts, or a Gatsby-style party with an abundance of feathers, furs, and fringes.

3. Crepe Satin Dress

For such outings, you can buy ready-made, but it is better to create a set with your own hands in order to be insured against the trouble of meeting someone in an identical outfit. And here we can advise you to pay attention to such a beautiful and at the same time affordable fabric as crepe satin. The shine of its glossy side is softer and deeper than satin, and the back has a matte grainy surface, which allows you to play with textures. Dresses made from this material turn out to be very festive, favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure, and shimmer in the rays of artificial lighting. So you will definitely not remain invisible. If you want to use a white satin crepe for sewing, put aside accessories decorated with rhinestones, crystals, and pearls, otherwise, the dress will seem like a wedding dress.

4. Wedding Party Dress

The dress should fully match the style of the entire celebration. It is not necessary to merge with tablecloths and hall decorations, but it is worth showing respect for the choice of the newlyweds. In addition, a dress for a party should be fashionable and showcase your figure favorably.


An expensive party dress is the main component of a luxurious, elegant look. Only in it can a woman feel special and become a real queen at least for one single evening. Knowing about all the nuances of evening fashion, it is easy to buy party dresses for yourself in order to become the most beautiful on any occasion!

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