Wearing a Red Dress: How to Feel Like the Star of the Night

February 13, 2020

The red evening gown has always been a complete style favourite, from the days of Old Hollywood glamour up until right now, they’ve always maintained their wow-factor. The lady in red is confident, alluring and basically magnetic, sounds pretty good right? Right! This shade is perfect for mesmerising the whole room at your next wedding, formal, cocktail party or big function. It definitely takes some boldness to wear this dress, so if you’re still sort of on the fence about it, here are a few top styling tips to make you feel like the shining star of your special night…

Add a pattern

Red dresses are usually pretty solid, so getting a pattern involved using your accessories could be the key to feeling as stylish and gorgeous as possible. Look for paisley prints, ginghams or intricate beading to break up the solid tone of your gown. Use your shawl, clutch bag, shoes and even a playful hair accessory to introduce the pattern in a subtle yet stylish way. Be sure that the pieces you choose are in the same red tone as your dress to avoid the look getting too busy or visually chaotic.

Get pink involved

Red and pink are a match made in fashion heaven! Bring a pale pink into the mix and be the most stylish woman in the room, by far. Add a micro-mini baby pink clutch bag, blush strappy shoes and soft rose jewel earrings. Enhance this colour accent by swiping on some soft pink gloss and sheer pink nails. You can add a velvet ribbon into your hair if you’re rocking a ponytail or bun for a girly yet chic touch. This will make your red dress pop, so it’s a great option for a formal or cocktail party.

Play with the tone

Red is a colour of many variants and playing with the tone is a great way to shake up your look and make you stand out from the crowd. Tonal dressing is very big right now, it’s all about adding different saturations and shades of a colour to one cohesive outfit. Slide-on some burgundy strappy heels, add a bright orange clutch and throw on your favourite red lipstick. Be sure to be restrained with your jewellery, opt for gold studs and a simple chain to avoid going overboard.

Choose a metallic accent

Metal jewellery is the perfect way to contemporise an evening gown. If you’ve got a frock with a plunging neckline, you’re going to have a field day with this one! Layer up gold and rose gold chains, pendants, coin accents and choker chains to create a glowing, goddess-like look. Add to your gilded effect with chunky hoop earrings, chain bracelets and stacked rings. Be sure to stick to warm gold and rose gold pieces to work with the warmth of your red dress.

Keep makeup simple

A red dress looks best with relatively simple makeup. When you’re off to a formal or a big party it can be really tempting to go crazy with the makeup, glitter and nails, however, if you’re rocking red try and avoid it. The look is already so strong that too many other elements will make it feel a little gaudy. Stick with gloss, nude shimmering eyeshadow and soft bronzer to enhance your natural beauty without going overboard.

Red dresses are a ticket to confidence and style, so enjoy dressing yours up! Be sure to find a dress that fits you like a dream, and most of the work will already be done for you!

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