Locket Jewelry: This Is What You Should Put in a Locket

June 8, 2020

When you think of lockets, your mind probably imagines a rusty necklace your grandmother would wear.

Locket jewelry has stood the test of time though, and there are plenty of beautiful modern locket designs to pair with your next trendy outfit!

You might be wondering what you can put inside your locket to make it unique. After all, a locket is like any other necklace if it’s not filled with something special, right?

We’re here to help you out! Keep reading below to learn five things to customize your locket with!

1. Timeless Classic: Photos

Typically when you think of lockets, you think of a necklace where you can hold a photo.

Most people choose photos of loved ones, but you can branch out—try a photo of a pet or a special moment from a trip for a unique photo!

It can be tricky to size down photos to fit into your locket. You may have to test out a few high-quality photos before you find one that retains its quality at a smaller size!

2. A Personalized Note

If you’re gifting a locket to someone, a handwritten note is a special item to keep in it! If it’s a sentimental gift, you might write something they can cherish forever.

On the other hand, your note could be a placeholder if the intent is for the recipient to fill the locket on their own!

3. For a See-Through Locket: Charms

A locket with charms inside is perfect if you want to fit several items in your locket. Charms work especially well in see-through lockets!

There are plenty of charms that fit inside lockets, such as small gems to tiny cat figurines to cupcakes charms!

Charms are great for themed lockets. For example, you could commemorate a beach trip with a locket filled with a charm of the sun, a pair of flip flops, and a dolphin! You’d be surprised how many unique designs come as miniature charms!

4. An Inscription

An inscription is a simple but sweet way to personalize locket jewelry. Inscriptions are great to memorialize special dates, such as the date of a birthday, engagement, or graduation!

If you have a favorite song, you could inscribe a lyric from it inside your locket. Quotes also make great inscriptions!
If you’re buying a locket for a significant other, you could even simply inscribe your initials. It’s a simple but thoughtful reminder of your feelings!

5. For Nature Lovers: Flowers

Flowers are another great way to fill see-through lockets.

Often we receive flowers for special celebrations, and it can be a bit disappointing to throw them out after a week or two. However, you can treasure them forever if you have a locket!

Save a few petals from your next special bouquet and dry them out. After they’ve been dried and pressed, you can keep them safe in a transparent locket!

Endless Options of Locket Jewelry

The real beauty of locket jewelry is its customizability! No matter your taste in jewelry, you can personalize a locket and its contents to your heart’s content. If you change your mind down the road, you can always fill it with some different instead!

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