Heads Up For 2022 Prom Dress Trends: Get Ahead Of The Game

October 27, 2021

They say it is good to plan ahead and while the 2022 prom is a way in the distance, there will come a time when you are happy that you chose your outfit well in advance. Bold is most definitely the current trend and that doesn’t look like its changing anytime soon. With that in mind, here is our top 5 list of 2022 prom dress styles to consider.

Corset Style Is Back With A Bang! – Tight at the waist, this Victorian style is very flattering and even of you don’t have an hourglass figure, you will when you are laced up in a designer corset-style gown. The long, flowing dress is perfect if your legs are muscly from playing sports and with a range of dreamy colours, the online designer has you covered for a slick corset style prom dress.

Iridescent – Perhaps you weren’t around in the nineties, when iridescent fashion was a big fad and there’s no better place for that glitzy shine than your prom dance. For the perfect iridescent number that will really turn heads, you can go to a reputable designer dress boutique and check out their trending prom dresses 2022 collection and start your quest there. A smoky grey with a green tint would be ideal to add a touch of mystery and sophistication. For jewellery, you may be able to find the perfect pieces from mom’s jewellery box.

Say It With Neon – Want to get noticed? A bright neon mini-dress would certainly raise a few eyebrows; if you have the legs for it, why not? Google is your best friend when it comes to finding a good designer dress boutique and with online shopping you can save a few dollars, with online boutiques saving you 15% or more! This would be a dress you can wear on other occasions, so don’t regard it as a single wear, it’s much more than that.

Stick With Tradition – If you would rather get a dress with timeless style, the traditional flowing ballroom gown is in trend. Off white and beige are very popular shades this year and probably will be in 2022. The online boutique has an extensive catalogue of top-quality gowns of all styles. Mom can help with the accessories, as this was the fashion in her time and you do want your jewellery and accessories to complement the look. The Internet hosts a wealth of information about this era and the more you know, the better.

Animal Prints Are Still In – The tiger, leopard and zebra are all in vogue, with high quality synthetic prints on a range of fabrics. Take your time when browsing online boutiques, as there are quite a few with very extensive catalogues that include many well-known designers. This is a bold statement look that works well with silver jewellery and tinted hair!

Whatever you choose, make sure it is an outfit that you feel comfortable wearing. Spending a few hours with everything on is a good way to test durability and long-term comfort.

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