Real Watch, Real Man: 7 Reasons Why It’s Time to Invest in a Wrist Watch

February 12, 2019

Sure you can use your laptop or phone to tell the time but there are some things that only a wrist watch can do. Find out why it’s time you had a real watch.

Time is important. After all, life moves faster now more than ever and every minute counts.
Yet in this age of mobile devices, when it seems like nearly everyone keeps a smartphone within reach every minute of the day, wearing a real watch has become unnecessary, right? Wrong!
Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why wearing a wristwatch is just as important now as ever before.

1.Watches Are Stylish

The reality is that watches don’t have to be used as simple timepieces. They are a great way to display your personal style. There’s really no limit to the kinds of watches available in every imaginable design.

Wristwatches can be beautiful, rugged, and luxurious. Some cost a small fortune while others are produced to meet even the most limited budget.

People can tell a lot about your personality based on the watch you wear. Nearly everyone has a smartphone or laptop, yet the type of wrist watch you choose reflects your tastes in fashion.

2.Watches Are Convenient

One of the great things about wearing a watch is that they don’t have to be charged. Sure, there are modern timepieces like the Apple Watch that need to be charged on a regular basis, but those are really just another type of mobile device. A true watch is either mechanical or has a battery that can last years before needing to be replaced.

Many watches, such as chronographs, offer a simplicity that is refreshing in our current world that is overrun by devices packed with technology buzzing with lights and sounds.

And you don’t have to worry about keeping a watch within reach. It’s always right there on your wrist. It’s also much easier to take a subtle glance at the time on your wrist than it is to look at your phone.

3.A Watch Can Be Passed Down Through Generations

Watches are not just another device. And they are more than simply fashion accessories. So many things today are manufactured for use over a short time and then discarded. Yet many watches are treated as heirlooms, often handed down through generations of family.

This doesn’t always have to reflect the price that was paid. In fact, there can be many kinds of sentimental reasons for handing down a timepiece to children and grandchildren.

Perhaps a watch was worn during times of war, symbolizing survival of hard times, or a childhood growing up in a distant country. Sentimental value is often of far greater significance than any dollar amount. It’s hard to place a price on a watch that belonged to a great grandfather you perhaps never met, making this item your only physical connection to them.

4.Watches Reflect Amazing Craftsmanship

Unlike mobile devices that have come to dominate so much of our daily lives, watches are more than bits of cold metal, glass, and electronic circuitry. They possess an authentic craftsmanship both inside and out.

In fact, these timepieces are works of art, filled with gorgeously designed displays of engineering. This is especially true of the finest analog timepieces. For watch lovers, the movement of a beautiful watch can be every bit as inspiring as the dial and case that contain it.

In many ways, watch craftsmanship has become underappreciated. After all, the world moves so fast, driven by information and the rush to get from one place to another as quickly as possible, that we often miss out on the simple pleasure of enjoying the passage of time.

Yet as we stop to admire true craftsmanship, we realize that we take for granted the talent required to design and build such magnificent artistic creations.

5.A Real Watch Is the Ultimate Accessory

In our modern world, there’s certainly no shortage of ways to know the time. It’s as simple as saying “Hey Alexa, what time is it?” and BAM!, Alexa will tell you exactly what time it is, what the temp is outside, and what’s showing at the multiplex down the street this evening.

So wearing a watch has become as much about accessorizing as anything else. Watches really are the ultimate way to accessorize an outfit. People with a great sense of style will often choose a watch as the perfect final touch for every ensemble.

Keep in mind that when it comes to fashion, amazing timepieces offer endless opportunities to look your best!

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6.Watches Are Reliable

It’s easy to forget that watches were around long before electricity. And mechanical watches don’t even need batteries. This makes them much more reliable than smartphones and computers that require constant recharging and OS upgrades.

Wristwatches are also much more durable than the average mobile device, making them able to take a bit of abuse and yet keep on ticking.

7.Watches Have a Singular Purpose

As human beings with a limited lifetime, we have always been fascinated by the passage of time. Beginning with the sundial, we’ve always attempted to measure and quantify it.
Wristwatches are an ideal way to keep us grounded in our relationship with time. In fact, when you take a moment to stop and think about it, that is the singular purpose of a watch: to mark the passages of days, one second at a time.

The Only Accessory You Really Need

When it comes to owning a device that tells you exactly what time it is, nothing will ever replace a real watch. There are many popular watches for men, and those who love to collect them will tell you they can never own enough.

Whether you prefer fashion watches or watches for sport, they are truly the perfect accessory for every moment of your life.

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