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Home Remedies for Fast Back Pain Relief

March 19, 2019

Back pain, especially low back pain is a health problem that needs to be taken seriously by Canadians. It not only causes a lot of trouble to people but it also costs a lot. According to an estimate, about $30 billion was paid to doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and other providers in 2007. In addition to low back pain, middle or upper back pain problems are also being reported constantly.

If you also suffer pain due to low back problems, you should consider trying some home remedies to get relief rather than just running to a doctor. This decision would be easier to implement and more cost-effective. Some of the home remedies for fast back pain relief are listed below.

ØAdd Pressure

To get rid of back pain, you should consider opting for a decompression belt that offers decompression therapy and gentle traction. The dual action will ensure that you get pain relief quickly and regular use would ensure that you live a pain-free life again. When choosing a decompression belt, make sure that you trust a reliable supplier and a quality product. Halo Health (Dr. Ho decompression belt) is a worthy option.

ØHeat and Cold Therapy

If you want to get relief from back pain, you should opt for the tried and tested method of heat and cold therapy. As the name suggests, in this option you use ice packs wrapped in a towel and a heating pad one by one. The cold method would numb the area while the heat would help get relief from achy or stiff muscles. Make sure you do cold and heat therapy for a few minutes only at a time.

ØGet Some Exercise

Getting some exercise is the best way to relieve back pain. Though some people get terrified of the idea of moving when they are in pain, you should know that moving around will help you. You can opt for simple options like a short walk, some yoga, water exercise or any other low impact activity. Exercise not only helps in relaxing tense muscles, but it also makes them strong and flexible. You can also trust exercise to release endorphins, hormones that act as natural painkillers for you.

ØBuy Pain Relief Ointments

There are numerous pain relief ointments and creams available in the market. You can buy them online or at a local pharmacy. Look for creams that have capsaicin as it can help with even osteoarthritis pain. Also, menthol-based creams are a good choice as they can dull back pain thanks to their cooling effect. Arnica, a popular homeopathic medicine can also be sought while seeking pain relief creams and gels.

ØSelect the Right Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoes is one of the most common reasons for back pain as badly fitting shoes will lead to muscles strains not only in the back but your legs and neck as well. High heels or shoes that are too flat are not recommended for people who have weaker back or suffer from back pain often. You should consult a podiatrist to know the shoes that fit perfectly and support your feet.

ØWork Right

Most people have desk jobs these days, and bad posture is leading to back problems. If you have the same, you should try to make your workstation comfortable and ensure that you slouch or strain your back. Purchase a chair that is at the correct height and allows you to have the computer screen at eye level. In case you have a physical job that wants you to lift stuff, make sure that you squat and use your legs and not back when lifting anything heavy.

ØSleep Right

If you have the habit of sleeping on your side, make sure you put a pillow between your legs to avoid putting too much pressure on your back. You should also get ample sleep every night as lack of sleep can worsen your pain. Also, buy the right mattress and pillow to ensure that you sleep comfortably and don’t toss or turn too much.

ØControl Stress Levels

Stress can be a key cause of painful spasms or muscle tension. If you are prone to stress, you should seek effective stress management methods like mindful meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery, yoga or progressive muscle relaxation.


If you have tried one or more of these home remedies, but they fail to provide you with permanent relief, it’s highly advised that you contact a doctor. The doctor will diagnose the exact cause of your back pain and will help you pick a proper treatment option. If your case is too serious, he or she might also recommend surgery.

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