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How to Choose a Door Lock

July 25, 2018

What would you do if a burglar entered your house and you are busy outside enjoying either late night parties or any family function?

If CCTV’s are not working of your colony, at your home, then what other option you have to protect your home from a thief or any other criminal?

Can you stop that thief from doing robbery at that moment? No Obviously. At that instant, you don’t have any choice except to regret not having any proper security device in your home.

Another security device to protect your home from thieves and trespassers except CCTV’s are the Door Locks. Nowadays, many latest designs door locks can prevent your workplace as well as home from digging into a robbery.

Types of Door locks

Deadbolt Lock

One of the latest design door lock thriving in the market for the security of your home is the Deadbolt Lock. As its name indicates itself, it is a lock bolt that is moved by turning a knob or a key and cannot be easily bored. These locks work by rotating a lock cylinder with its key. These doors are not spring activated and hence cannot be forced to open with any other tools such as a knife or anything. If by chance the key of the doors lost somewhere, then no need to worry about it, a residential locksmith efficiently helps you to unlock your home’s entrance.

Keypad Door Locks

Say goodbye to your keys. Now there is no need of keys to lock your door. No need to hide your keys over the top of your door. No need to wait for your keys that are with your office boy. Yes, keypad locks are there which do not require any keys with them. They are a kind of smart locks that needs only a lock code for your door. All you have to do is merely generate one code over that lock and keep that code in mind. However, if you forgot that lock code, you can call upon a commercial locksmith to unlock that code.

Mortise Lock

Mortise Lock uses two types of locks in a single device. Former is a non-locking spring latch that is controlled by a lever handle. And later is the deadbolt that is used as security of your door. These locks are dual action, means that it acts as a doorknob as well as a deadbolt. This type of lock is reliable and cannot be opened by any thief forcefully. Only an automotive locksmith can unlock this type of lock in case of an emergency lockout.

Glass Door Lock

If you are looking forward to finding a lock for your glass door, then you’re on luck. Many glassdoor locks are on trending nowadays that can easily protect your patio. Different styles of glass door locks are available locking your patio like Deadbolt style for single and double doors; Cam style for a hinged door, Ratchet style for a sliding glass door and many more. This type of lock is usually not huge, bulky or impenetrable.


There is a lot to ponder when you’re examining for the lock doors. With the above information, you should now be able to discern yourself for what you need to protect your home under security. Anything you haven’t considered is something for a robber to exploit.

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