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5 Telltale Signs You Need a Home AC Repair

July 30, 2020

Is your AC full of hot air?

32% of homeowners are afraid of unexpected major home repair. Home AC repair doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.
It’s no surprise that if you own a home, air conditioner replacement is something you’ll face at some point. But you don’t need to replace it at the first sign of trouble. Since they typically last between 10-15 years, you have time to plan your decisions carefully.

But only with a healthy maintenance schedule of a yearly service and a monthly filter replacement.

What are the signs of needed repair? What happens if you don’t keep up with servicing and filter replacement?

Get comfy and chill, we’re getting into that and more!

When You Need Home AC Repair

In certain cases, you need more than a regular annual service. You might need AC repair in these situations:

  • The unit makes more noise than normal (banging or rattling)
  • There’s uneven cooling throughout your home
  • AC blows warm air
  • AC makes a hissing noise
  • AC coils inside or outside your home freeze

If your maintenance on the filter slacks off, it can impede airflow which causes the whole system to work harder. One of the consequences of lack of airflow into the system is icing on the condenser outside or on the evaporator inside.

If you have icing problems with your system, heat won’t flow out of the system, and uneven cooling or even warm air will occur. Not to mention, humidity and mold are a concern that could grow beyond just your AC ducts.

The rattling and banging you hear in your air handling unit could be due to a loose blower motor or a blown bearing. A technician can give an accurate diagnostic and service to the motor if it isn’t damaged. Frequent stopping and starting could also eventually wear the motor out prematurely.

Other Home AC Tips

What if all these things check out okay, but the AC isn’t turning on at all? You could have a thermostat problem or electrical problem with the internal contactors. For anything electrical, call a professional and don’t try to open it up yourself.

A hissing noise is a sign you may be leaking coolant. It isn’t so much of a health concern, but it could aggravate any preexisting health issues. Usually, these would occur outside on the way to the condenser unit.
Ducts leaking cool air into attic space could be another hot air or inconsistent coolness concern. Again, a professional can suggest an appropriate course of action.

Stay Frosty, My Friends

Home AC repair isn’t a pleasant thing, especially if it’s unexpected.

However, keeping up with a regular maintenance and service schedule is a huge help in reducing the risk of an emergency call. This summer is a time for a cool drink and good friends, not for sweating indoors in misery.

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