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How to Use a Central Pneumatic Spray Gun Without Any Problem?

August 14, 2018

Spray guns are widely used for the refinishing purposes especially for the automobiles such as cars. You must have visited any renowned paint store and encountered a spray gun which is usually HVLP spray gun which they usually use for work purposes. HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure which allows the paint to spread more due to its good coverage abilities. The spray gun is the most commendable choice for painting work. Moreover, this spray gun is very cost effective and can be easily operated.

But in order to use a central pneumatic spray gun without facing any particular problems, you should be thorough with the techniques and must have a sense of understanding about its controlling features so as to give an astounding performance in your paint job. There are essentially four steps which you should learn before using the spray guns and these are described as below:


The first and the foremost thing that is essential for using a central pneumatic spray gun are to activate the air compressor which is the powerhouse of the spray gun. At the end of the hose, you must adjust the air pressure equivalent to 90 psi. The spray gun works at this air pressure and regulates further pressure with the help of its inbuilt pressure regulator. But you may not require any higher settings for the functioning of the spray gun; hence, you must do the adjustments to lower the settings. It would be more appropriate to start with 50 psi and rest you may refer to the user manual to get a better idea about its functioning.


After activating the compressor, the hose must be connected to the spray gun and after accomplishing this step, the trigger of the gun must be pressed in a downward direction. There would be fluctuations at the gun’s base but you must continue to hold the trigger unless it comes to an end. Now, start putting the paint into the canister. You must proceed as per the chart provided to you by the manufacturer so as to know the quantity of the paint you would be required for spraying purposes.
Make sure that you must wait to directly go for spraying your car. Rather, you should go for spraying testing on a plywood piece. As per your choice, you must do settings in the fan that is present at the backside of the gun. If you see that the paint is running, you can adjust the speed at a higher pace and vice versa.


Surely, it is an art to use a central pneumatic spray gun. So, after you have adjusted the fan as per your desirable conditions, you should make certain amendments in the fluid control. You don’t want excessive paint rather you want the paint that is sufficiently heavy so that it resembles solid. This thing can only be learned through practice. You must hold the gun from the surface you desire to paint in between 6 inches to 8 inches. You must hold the gun in such a way that it becomes perpendicular to the paint surface.


The movement of the spraying gun must be in a horizontal manner. Make sure you do not keep your attention on one particular area so as to avoid paint runs. Begin from the top of the painting surface, gradually coming downwards for reducing the chances of paint running. So, you must start sweeping before you reach the surface and trigger must be applied as well. The trigger must be released as you reach the end of the surface but in order to achieve the smoothness, you must continue to sweep for further more inches also.


The bottom line is that the compressor must be correctly paired with the spray gun in order to maximize its functioning. The spray gun is a very good option as it has its own standard and advantages such as it provides a great finishing quality, reduces the possibility of over spraying, does not cause any harm to the health of the user and is completely safe to use and it has an efficient functioning speed, unlike other types of equipment.

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