How to Create a Capsule Work Wardrobe on a Budget

June 13, 2018

Building up a new work wardrobe can get rather expensive, especially if you’ve been depositing it all on online games or other related hobbies. New suits, dresses, and shoes for every season. Buying new clothes is probably one of, if not the most exciting thing about starting a new job. If you’re just about to start a new role, you may not have plenty of cash to splash out on a new business wardrobe so we’re here to help you build your work wardrobe of dreams on a budget.

Buy the basics

This is the perfect place to start. Many places like H&M and ASOS have great affordable basic workwear collections. A couple of shirts, one white and one colored would be perfect for your capsule work wardrobe as they are so versatile and can be worn all year round They go with literally every outfit from a simple shirt and tailored trouser look, to a shirt and a skirt for the summer. Add in a couple of smart jumpers for autumn/winter, a few blouses, a cami top, a pair of cigarette trousers, a pair of black tailored trousers, a pencil skirt and a few smart dresses and your wardrobe is almost complete. Consider buying a few blazers in different colors to look stylish every season. Not forgetting the shoes, makes sure to have one pair of black heels and a couple of comfy flats.

Stick to the classics

It’s important to invest in classic pieces as these never really go out of style. Staple pieces don’t necessarily need to be expensive to look great. There’s really no point in buying trend pieces as these will quickly become outdated and will be buried and forgotten at the bottom of your wardrobe in no time. Some classic pieces you should consider are blazers, jumpers, a great pair of shoes and black trousers. These will often last for years and give off an effortless, chic office vibe.

It’s all about the quality

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy high-quality garments but buying too cheap won’t be good for your bank account in the long run either. Although if you really want to treat yourself it’s worth playing online slots at to see if you can hit the jackpot so you can buy those designer shoes you’ve had your eye on for years. Shopping in really cheap places often means the quality isn’t too great so you’ll end up buying more regularly and this is not the way to build a capsule work wardrobe. It is a lot more worthwhile to invest in fewer, higher quality items that you can wear for many years rather than throwing away cheaper pieces every few months.

Embrace your body shape

Knowing your body shape, what suits you and what you feel most comfortable in are all key to creating the perfect capsule work wardrobe. Don’t just wear black trousers because that’s what you think you should wear in the office if that’s something you feel you don’t suit and don’t feel like yourself in. If you feel more comfortable in a smart dress, then go for that. Buy office wear that you feel the most self-confident of which will also help you to work better and feel more motivated at work.

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