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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space & Garden at Watson’s

June 22, 2023

Did you know that you can make an entire outdoor living space with stuff you can get at Watson’s Home & Leisure Store? Well, you can create the ideal outdoor living space by considering every need, such as lighting for evening use and having plenty of seating options so everyone can unwind and unwind in comfort.

To start with, water features can make an incredible focal point in your garden, such as fountains, waterfalls or even just ponds – adding relaxing sounds such as fountains or waterfalls can give the illusion that there’s always someone water flowing nearby!

Imagine your outdoor living space like a canvas and start by visualizing how you want it to look. From cozy nooks that welcome lounging to spaces for hosting friends and family gatherings, the final product should feature stunning focal points that reflect your personal style.

Focal points draw your eye, much like paintings or fireplaces do indoors. To select an eye-catching focal point that also complements the foliage in your garden is key. A water feature such as a pond or waterfall would likely do just fine; alternatively, consider something uncommon but just as effective such as mirrored features which have yet another way of drawing the viewer’s gaze!

By adding features to your garden, such as this fountain, you can obscure unsightly structures or buildings from view and keep the focus on what matters – your beloved space! Using features like this as a way of creating a cooling environment against summer heat and bugs is also beneficial.


Color schemes are one of the hallmarks of a well-planned garden, from timber decking to furniture colors to create the desired atmosphere and ambiance. Therefore, make sure that you dedicate enough thought and consideration to planning out your color palette in advance.

Begin your design project by selecting a base color. Modern backyards usually incorporate several key hues that help unify the space; soft muted tones may work best if your goal is relaxation while bolder palettes with vibrant pops of color can give more energy to the design process.

Color can also be added through furnishings in your outdoor living area, like vibrantly hued pillows, tinted patio tables or vibrant wicker chairs – an economical and effective way to bring some personality and distinction into the garden.


Outdoor living spaces have quickly become one of the hottest trends in home design, adding value and creating luxurious areas for family gatherings and socializing. But for these garden rooms to function optimally, proper lighting must also be considered a necessity.

Your outdoor living space should be brightly lit to enable nighttime use. Therefore, it is beneficial to include lighting requirements during the design phase of any project so lines can be laid before installation is required; doing this also reduces costs associated with retrofitting your space with lights later.

When selecting outdoor living space lighting, remember that less is more. An abundance of lighting can be distracting, detracting from its aesthetic. Opt for low-wattage bulbs from Watsons with soft lighting rather than bright overhead illumination; also keep in mind how your garden will be used at various times during the day; dining areas require well-lit spaces while sitting areas should have more ambient illumination.


As with indoor rooms, storage is key in creating an effective outdoor living space. From hiding away a barbecue and garden tools and equipment to keeping pool toys out of sight when not being used, selecting an attractive storage solution that ties in seamlessly will help create an inviting and functional outdoor setting. When selecting the ideal storage shed, Horizon Storage Sheds Canada offers a diverse range of options to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Installing an attractive garden shed is another effective way to add storage. A wooden-look exterior like this, brightly painted trellis and plenty of shelves turn this bespoke shed into an architectural feature rather than an afterthought.

As you plan your perfect outdoor living space, keep in mind the activities and needs of you and your family when designing it. Perhaps this area should serve as an oasis for quiet reading or an entertainment zone for get-togethers and parties. Also important when creating this ideal living area: where will boundaries be drawn to define specific sections such as dining areas under shade vs. loungers in sunlight.


An ideal outdoor space requires ample seating options for relaxing and socializing. Choose something that reflects both your personal style and meets the size and scale of your garden, adding cushions or throws for additional comfort.

As you create the layout, keep in mind how you will use your garden – for instance, dining areas should ideally be located under an umbrella; sunbathing areas should feature dappled shade; lounge furniture can be placed close to a fire pit on chillier nights; also consider whether people will be staying overnight or eating al fresco and how you will accommodate their seating arrangements.

As when designing the interior of your home, when creating an outdoor living area you should aim for one that seamlessly merges into your lifestyle. A well-planned garden should make this dream possible for buyers.

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