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Create Your Own Fire Pit Cover Using Some Step By Step Measures

February 8, 2021

Summary: With some simple approaches and measurements, you can actually create your own fire pit cover with ease. Check out the points to keep in mind.

It is true that a proper fire pit can actually create the much needed warmth and ambience to outdoor living space. It is a perfect call for the entertainment and gathering purpose, as fire pit is one major focal point among individuals. Now, for prolonging the life of fire pit, it is mandatory for you to create a customized cover. The main aim of this cover is to protect the pit from various elements. Sewing any round cover happens to be one straight forward sewing project. With the help of step by step instructions, you can actually create one for your use.

Initial steps for making a fire pit cover:

Even though the market houses some of the best examples when it comes to fire pit cover, sometimes you might want to check your artistic approach and create a fire cover for your own use. Well, it is not that difficult when you have the required materials and instructions by hand. With utmost patience and by following the instructions well, in no time, you will have a solid cover for your fire pit ready.

For designing the cover, it is better to create a bit oversized option with slit down on one side for easy installation and even removal. Make sure to add that drawstring in the picture, mainly around the bottom of the cover. The main function of that drawstring is to keep the cover securely in its place, even when any strong wind blows. 

Make sure to measure the size of the pit before you finalize on the cover’s shape and size. If you have a round fire pit, for example, you have to create a round cover accordingly. Similarly, for square or rectangular shaped options, the cover’s shape will differentiate a lot. Keep some room for the cover to be tended slightly for preventing water from pooling, especially during rainy seasons.

Now for the protective measure:

After you are done with the basic structure of the pit cover, it is time to focus towards the protective cover part of it. You can choose any of the solution dyed polyester fabric for the making. This kind of fabric is breathable and water-resistant as well.

  • On the other hand, such materials are considered to be great for abrasion resistance. It is vital as the cover sits rightfully against brick structure of your pit.
  • With this fabric, you have multiple color options to look forward to. The darker shades will feature some black threads in weaves, for procuring the multi-tonal look.

Be sure to have the materials handy:

Make sure that you have all the materials handy needed for manufacturing fire pit covers. Apart from the fabric itself, you will need thread, basting tape for the canvas, cord and some basic tools. You can get all these items from your local hardware store. However, if you don’t want to take up all this mess and get an instant cover for the fire pit, log online and buy from there. 

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