How to Find the Best Dust Control Solutions

February 15, 2021

Dust control solutions are required in various industries, and in many different projects, all for the same reason: Dust is not something you want around. To help you get control of your dusty situation, read on to learn how you can find the best dust control solutions.

1. Understand the importance of dust control solutions. 

Unfortunately, too much dust can have adverse effects on both people and the planet. When operations create dust, they produce a significant amount of airborne fumes. Therefore, dust control solutions are an integral aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy community and workplace

The best dust control systems aid in reducing site dust emissions as well as accommodating employees. Whether in the workplace, in mining areas, on road projects, or other sites, dust control solutions are crucial in decreasing the chance of the pollutant harming people and places. For example, when thousands of dust particulates fill the air, individuals are likely to suffer from respiratory problems.

Additionally, there is an economic argument to be made for implementing robust dust control solutions. When an area has too much dust, it can quickly affect crop yields as well as waterways. What’s more, significant traffic movements in dusty areas can also increase road wear and tear, decreasing surface longevity which, in turn, results in greater maintenance costs.

2. Recognise the type of dust control solution you need. 

There are a variety of different dust control solutions available that are designed for a variety of situations. Therefore, it is essential that you find the right kind of dust control solution for your needs. 

For example, in the workplace, you want a dust control solution that limits dust-related damage on your premises in order to minimise the dust exposure to your staff, decrease maintenance costs, and ensure you are meeting EPA standards. The benefits of a dust control solution include improved product quality, increased productivity, reduced health risks, and increased employee retention in the workplace

The best dust control solutions control the dust emissions that unpaved and unsealed roads produce and stabilise the road surface for road projects. In this case, the best dust control solution’s benefits include increased road durability, improved road safety, lower road maintenance costs, and improved environmental protection

Additionally, industries such as mining, oil and gas, and the military also need to be implementing dust control solutions. In mining projects, it is crucial that workers’ health and safety are protected and that airborne dust does not become a health and safety issue. For oil and gas projects, dust control helps maintain a clean work environment for workers and the environment. And, for the military, dust control solutions ensure that there are no visibility issues nor dust-related health and safety concerns.

GRT Wet-Loc is the perfect dust control solution in many situations as it is specifically designed to manage heavy traffic flows. For this reason, GRT Wet-Loc is the ideal dust control solution for packing and loading yards, machinery yards, ports, livestock pens, stables and racetracks, mining, roads, and countless more.

3. Keep in mind that construction sites also require dust control solutions. 

Construction sites are some of the dustiest places on the planet, which is why they require robust dust control solutions. While some construction sites opt to dampen down dusty areas with water, this has significant environmental implications as large quantities of water are required. Also, fine dust is hydrophobic, meaning water won’t reach them and the dust particles will continue to be airborne. 

Therefore, in these situations, it is necessary to implement dust suppression technology that reduces water usage by a significant amount while also increasing the dust suppression period by five times. The best dust suppression technology contains liquid polymer products that bind to fine dust particles, making it impossible for them to remain airborne.

Additionally, this type of dust suppression technology is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and helps to maintain a safe working site for people. It also improves the surface integrity onsite, enhances the air quality and visibility, and makes every aspect of the construction process safer and more comfortable

Final Thoughts

Finding the best dust control solution is not a decision you should take lightly as you want to ensure you are implementing a product that will get the job done. Therefore, make sure that any dust control solution you use is non-hazardous, water-resistant, odourless, environmentally friendly, and effective instantly. You also want to ensure that it is safe for employees, animals, produce, and the surrounding environment and effectively reduces harmful airborne dust levels.

Do you have a project or workplace that needs a robust dust control solution? What are the most essential features you need? How do you see dust control solutions helping your project or workplace? Let us know your thoughts and any additional questions in the comments below! 


Troy Adams is the Managing Director of Global Road Technology, an international engineering technology company in Australia that specialises in engineered solutions for dust suppression, erosion control, soil stabilisation and water management. A pioneering, socially conscious Australian entrepreneur, Troy is passionate about safer, healthier and more cost-effective solutions in the mining and infrastructure sectors and beyond.

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