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How to Style Up Your Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets

February 16, 2023

Grey as a color intermediate between black and white is associated with neutrality and balance. Well, it can be created by using other primary colors but black and white are the basic ones. Just like black and white, it gives your kitchen space a clean look while making elegance. Although not too trendy, it offers unique features. Style and warmth.

In this article, we will get to review how you can use grey kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen’s interior the best outlook.

What makes grey ideal for kitchen cabinets?

There are quite a number of reasons why you should choose specifically grey kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. Below are some of the reasons.

It is versatile and simple

One of the reasons why you should choose grey kitchen cabinets is that grey fits in all kitchen designs complementing the current color palette without altering the interior outlook. Whatever vision you have for your kitchen, its versatile nature helps in achieving it.

It is easy to maintain

They are the second easiest to clean and maintain after black. This makes them the best alternative for homeowners that prefer the option of not having to do the extra cleaning every time there’s dirt or spills on their surfaces.

It has a timeless appearance

As a nice balance between white and black, it also cannot be affected by whichever changes that might ever be in the interior design industry. This is because of its simple yet stunning character.

It comes in varieties

Just like all the other colors, grey comes in different shades too. There are the softer shades and darker shades. You can always find the one that pleases you since all of them have ever been approved for kitchen interior design.

It adds contrast to your kitchen space

Grey is a dull color which therefore needs other bright colors to help in making a statement in your kitchen. They usually look good with different kinds of floors, countertops, ceilings and backsplashes.

Why they are not popular in other households

People with different tastes

Different people different tastes. There are lots of colors to choose from for kitchen cabinets. Not everyone is going to prefer grey kitchen cabinets to enhance the beauty of their kitchen. Some would want them in bright colors such as red or maybe if they want a simple color they’d choose maybe black or white instead. We all cannot fall for one thing.

How you can enhance the look of your kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets

Below are some of the ways you can use to enhance your kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets. Let’s explore some of them.

Mix with different colors

Now that grey is versatile, you can consider incorporating other different colors for a much better look. It could be white backsplashes, marble countertops, or metallic implements such as golden cabinet knobs, among others.

Also, you might want to consider a purple backsplash too if you want to give your kitchen a luxurious look. Purple usually represents royalty and it blends so well with grey.

Enhance the lighting in your kitchen space

In case you are using the darker shade for your grey kitchen cabinets, you should consider adding some more lighting for a brighter space. This enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

Clean and maintain your cabinetry

For anything to keep in shape and serve you for a longer period of time, it has to be maintained. It’s not a different case for grey kitchen cabinets. Constant cleaning whenever there are spills or dust helps in extending their life span. This will make your kitchen stand out for a longer period of time.

Choosing the best finish for your grey kitchen cabinets

With the various number of shades to choose from, you are sure to get the one that matches your taste with the best finish to give your kitchen a fresh look.

Get creative with hinges

What’s the other way you can think of to add some beauty to your grey kitchen cabinets other than getting creative with the hinges? This is now the fun part. You can get to choose the shape, size and color of the hinges you want for your cabinetry. With versatility comes flexibility!

What to consider before choosing grey kitchen cabinets?

Consider the shades of grey

The size of your kitchen determines which shade of grey you should choose for your cabinetry. For a smaller space and less lighting, it is best to choose light grey cabinets to at least reflect the natural light. The same is not advised for large kitchen spaces. You’ll need a darker shade instead to minimize the amount of natural light entering your kitchen.

Size of your kitchen space

Also, the size of your kitchen determines whether you should consider having an open-shelved or closed-shelved option for your kitchen cabinets. For smaller kitchens, it is best to choose open shelving.

Choose high quality kitchen cabinets

Quality is one of the most important features you should consider when buying grey kitchen cabinets. Get you something that is going to last, serve you and get you to forget about changing your cabinetry for a good period of time.

Get the best price

Always consider buying that which favors your pocket. This includes both the buying and installation fees. There are lots of designs that you cannot fail to get the ones that please you.

Where to buy grey kitchen cabinets

You should also consider where you are planning to get your cabinetry from. Whether it is from a local workshop, furniture showroom or online on e-commerce platforms. If it’s online, make sure it’s a trusted shop considering references and positive feedbacks from already satisfied clients. Make sure you don’t get scammed.

Final thoughts

With all the information I have given out, I’m sure you are inspired to get yourself grey kitchen cabinets. Feel free to refer to the tips discussed in this article to enhance the interior outlook of your kitchen.

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