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How to Make the Most Out of Your Garage Storage with Shelving and Cabinets

August 19, 2021

Many garages are used to store much more than just the family’s wheels. However, the vast majority end up disorganised and messy. As items get used and put back, any semblance of a tidy system goes out of the window.

Yet it’s easy to convert your garage into a well-designed space, and you’ll find that doing so increases the capacity of the usable space as well as making it easier to find (and get to) your items.

Here’s our top tips to making the most of your garage’s storage space:


Garage shelving varies widely in price and function. At the entry level you can find standalone plastic shelving, and at the top end there are ceiling or wall-mounted hardwood or metal units. What you choose will depend largely on your budget, as well as the kinds of things you are planning to store. If you have a selection of heavy items like car parts, power tools or paint cans (for example), then plastic shelving is probably not going to cut it – you’ll need to spend a little more to get something sturdier with an increased maximum load capacity.

Equally, to improve the stability of your shelves, you should make sure that your new shelving system is wall or ceiling-mounted and fixed securely into the joists.

The material you choose will define how much weight the shelving can handle, as well as how much maintenance is required to maximise the lifespan. Plastic needs very little maintenance but cannot carry as much weight, whereas metal and wood have higher load capacities but will need some attention to ensure rust and rot do not set in and cause the shelves to fail.


Cabinets can be a great addition to the garage, particularly if you have concerns about access to your items. You can use cabinets to ensure children cannot get their hands on tools or other potentially dangerous items, and keep your garage looking clean and tidy. Again, you can find both freestanding and mounted options, and the one you choose will depend on your specific needs. If you are mounting the cabinets, secure them to joists/studs so they stay in place, and be sure not to exceed weight limits.

For improved security you can find many cabinets with lockable doors or drawers – or you can fit a lock yourself. It’s worth considering this, as garages are typically less secure than the rest of your property and a good quality lock can deter any would-be thieves.

Roller cabinets

A fantastic choice for a range of use cases, roller cabinets are freestanding cupboards or drawer units that are mounted on castors for mobility. Choose these, and you’ll be able to move all your equipment around your property easily, as required. Similarly, if you are storing toys or seasonal items (paddling pools and garden toys, Christmas decorations, etc) you can simply move the whole load in and out of place as and when needed.

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