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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Realtor

April 1, 2020

Selling a home can be one of the biggest decisions to make in life. You want to get the best price possible, but how do you go about that?
We trust real estate agents to sell our home for a fair price, but is that the best way to sell a home? Unfortunately, there are many bad realtors out there who don’t have the best interest of the sellers at heart.

Read on to learn the five tell-tale signs of bad realtors — if you come across any of the red flags below, run in the other direction!

1. Poor Marketing Skills

Lack of marketing finesse may well be a sign that you have a bad real estate agent. Understanding marketing in the real estate field is key to getting your property noticed and attracting the right kind of buyer.

Check out the real estate agent’s website- is it to a professional standard? Are the listing photos beautiful and inspiring?

Is the agent doing mail-outs, promoting open houses, and being proactive in showing the home? If not, you may need another agent.

Social media marketing skills are especially important for attracting new clients and generating leads.

2. They Are Unprofessional

Does your agent frequently cancel meetings, fail to call you back, or treat you in an unprofessional manner? Bad news- if they are unprofessional to you, they are probably treating your potential buyers the same way.

Luckily, you can sell home without a realtor to avoid the delays and frustrations of dealing with bad realtors.

3. Lack of Understanding of the Local Market

You need a realtor who knows your neighborhood inside and out and can price your home correctly to ensure you are making maximum profit.

Look for a realtor who has closed lots of sales in your area. Knowing the area will also help because realtors can then confidently share the benefits of the town with buyers, such as the local schools, parks, community activities, etc.

4. Inexperienced

Experience is an important consideration when selecting an agent. Being a real estate agent requires a complex set of skills, including confidence, marketing, professionalism, and an outgoing and friendly nature.

Real estate is also complex from an administrative point of view, as buyers and sellers will need to wade through and understand a lot of paperwork and legal documents, and the agent will need to understand these.

An established and experienced real estate agent will give your home the best chance of a quick sale.

5. If Your House Just Isn’t Selling, You May Have a Bad Realtor
Has your house been on the market longer than you’d like? Are other homes popping up on the market and selling before yours?

If you’re not receiving offers and your house has been for sale a long time, this is a sign your agent isn’t taking it seriously, has other priorities, and isn’t motivated.

If this is the case, look for a new agent today.

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Bad realtors are, sadly, a common thing in the real estate agent. If you’re selling your home and your real estate agent isn’t up to scratch, you now know what to look for.

Selling your home is exciting and, hopefully, prosperous — don’t let a bad real estate agent ruin the experience.

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