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Infographic Shows 65 Bar Glasses and Their Real Use

January 9, 2020

We thought we had seen it all when it comes to infographics over the last few years and particularly when it comes to alcohol, graphic designers really do seem to go into overdrive.

However, we have just stumbled upon one that offered something different. Sure, for those of you who like to knock back as many drinks as can be and not bother about the repercussions the next morning, the topic might be a little flat. For anyone who appreciates the fine details of drinking, this infographic by Wine Cellar Innovations may really strike a chord.

In short, the team have managed to gather 65 different glasses that tend to be used for different types of alcohol. They have then used the infographic to showcase which types of drinks you should be turning to in a bid to get the absolute most from your drinking experience.

In some ways, the infographic itself doesn’t do it justice either. The graphic shows each glass, followed by the type of drink that should follow it. For example, in the case of wines, it should go without saying that a flute is designed for ones of the sparkling variety, or Champagne.

Then, when it comes to beers, we have everything from the classic Pilsner glass right the way to the yard stick.

However, the most interesting element of this infographic for us came with the why-factor. When we first came across it, we mistakenly believed that it was all for show. In other words, drinking from the so-called right glass was all about showing the world that you knew your onions when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

As it turns out, this isn’t necessarily the case. Some glasses can get the absolute maximum from a drink, and make it taste all the better. For example, if we were to hone in on Guiness, the shape of this glass actually encourages that classic foam-top that this beer has become synonymous with.

It’s only when you scroll further down the page the infographic is hosted on that there are plenty of other revelations like the above – and all give different reasons on why the choice of your drinking glass is paramount to your entire boozing experience.

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