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How to Take Care of Low Back Pain

July 24, 2020

Maybe at some point, you fall with your backside or lifted a heavy load, and sometimes you engaged in some sports activities, among others. Supposed you have engaged in any of the mentioned cases; the chances are that you have faced some back pains at some point. Many adults have complained of low back pain at some point in their lives. The causes are definitely the activities they engage in or the work they have to do.

However, there are simple self-care practices that can calm down the pain. If you happen to weed your flowers, clean your garage, help a friend to move, there are high probabilities that you will get low back pains. Your back will ache due to the straining involved. However, stay calm and keep reading these tips from to ease the pains.

Check on your posture.

Take care of how you move to minimize the pain at the back. While doing strenuous activities, avoid bending the waist. Instead, focus on turning the knees and the hips. When lifting heavy things, avoid straining your back a lot. Alternatively, use the legs for more of the work involved. Also, avoid lifting things that you can’t. Know your capabilities and respect that fact. While lifting heavy objects, do not put them way far from your body. Put the objects next to your body to avoid your whole body struggling. When going to the market, avoid lifting like three heavy bags of groceries. Instead, you can always carry one at a time, or you can choose to buy on different days to avoid struggling too much. In some cases, you can divide the luggage into small bags so that you can lift with both hands to attain the balance instead of carrying one heavy luggage on one side.

Get support while sitting.

It might look like a simple thing, but the truth of the matter is, how you sit can destroy your back and lead to back pains. Whichever chair you are sitting on, always ensure you get the support required. Make use of the pillow to support your lower back when sitting to keep the back straight and comfortable. In some cases, you can roll up a towel well then help yourself at the back while sitting. Whichever sit you are in, ensure you stay comfortable throughout.

Comfort measures.

Using heat minimizes pain while using cold measure reduces swelling. Make use of a heating pad and interchange it with an ice pack on a daily basis, three times a day. When using an ice pack, put a towel between the ice pack and your skin. Use the heating pad when you are sitting upright to lower the back pain for 15 minutes then do the same with an ice pack for another fifteen minutes. Remember, be keen enough not to sleep on a heating pad.

Put on appropriate footwear.

The type of footwear you use can support your body posture or increase the risks of low back pain. Put on the recommended shoe according to the activity you are engaging in. For example, sneakers are best for running and boots for manual work. You can wear high-heels as long as you don’t overdo it. Always interchange with other shoes when going to work or special events.

Get a massage.

Massage is the best idea when it comes to strengthening and stretching your muscles. During the massage process, you will experience the relaxation of the muscles, which improves your overall well-being. If your back pain is persistent, you might benefit from booking an appointment with a professional physiotherapist. Here, they will be able to use special electromechanical massage devices to help soothe any discomfort in the area.


There are many reasons why we experience back pains. However, lower back pains can always be minimized with some self-care tips mentioned above. The causes of pain can be managed by ourselves by taking care of and maintaining our bodies. However, in extreme cases, it will be ideal to seek medical attention.

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