How to Wear Sequins and Sparkly Dresses

April 1, 2019

Truly, nothing makes a statement as bold and fancy as wearing a sequined dress. And yet not everyone can be audacious enough to wear a sparkly ensemble. So, if you’re entertaining thoughts of wearing sequins to prom, read on to know the best ways to rock a glittery get up.

Here are some important tips to help you select and style a flattering outfit that will make you sparkle throughout the night:

1.Select A Sequined Dress With A Simple Cut.

Because sequins already make a big statement, you can tone it down by opting for a simple cut. Avoid dramatic silhouettes or plunging necklines. Instead, go for the simpler spaghetti straps, a basic strapless dress, or a shift dress. Check out white prom dresses 2019 and you will find numerous styles and designs embellished with sequins, beads, and other decorative materials to choose from.

2.Select A Proper Fitting Sequined Dress.

When choosing what to wear for prom, always look for a dress that has a proper fit. So when searching for a sequined outfit, look for one that fits your frame, like it was sewn into conception especially for you. The fit is very important in the case of sequined dresses because something as fancy will surely catch the eyes of everyone around you, and that means there will be more discriminating eyes on you. A perfectly fitted dress that hits the right places will not only flatter your figure but keep you comfortable moving in the dress as well.

Aside from avoiding super tight or too loose sequined dresses, also avoid super short sparkly outfits. This is because sparkles and sequins tend to make an outfit look crude if it is not worn properly. Go for a dress that is a comfortable length, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary and undesirable exposures.

3.Choose One Colour And Stick To It.

If you are going to wear an all-sequin dress, pick out the color you like best and stick to it. While a full-sequined number can make the wearer stand out, a multi-colour sequin dress will likely overwhelm the eyes and make you look like a walking fashion cataclysm.

Another way to address the problem of too much sparkle is to choose a dress that is not entirely covered with sequins. Aside from being a trendy option, dresses with sequin details or accents are more wearable than a dress covered entirely with sparkly sequins. You can opt for sequined trims, patches, and pockets, among others. The right pop of sequins is enough to make your prom wear a winning number.

4.Pick Out Simple Accessories And Makeup.

Simple, solid-coloured accessories are the perfect complements to your bedazzled dress. Remember, one sparkly ensemble is enough to make a statement so there’s no need to go over the top with accessories.

Choose a black pair of heels over a metallic pair or any intricately designed footwear. Don’t make your shoes compete with your dress for attention.

While it may be best to skip the jewellery when you’re already draped in all that glitter, you can still wear a simple pair of earrings or a bracelet. Just make sure you don’t wear too much or you’ll end up looking like one very busy ensemble.

If you’re anticipating cold weather, you can wear a sleek blazer, a trendy coat, or a light leather jacket on top of your sequin dress.

What’s really cool about opting for sequined dresses for prom is that you don’t need to spend extra, money-wise and time-wise, picking out your shoes, jewellery, and other accessories.

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