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Irresistable Dishes Worth Trying When You’re in Italy

November 2, 2018
Irresistable Dishes

Eating and having to experience a people’s culture and general way of life is among the reasons why people travel to different parts of the world. Italy is one of the best culinary destinations in the world. Italy furnishes food lovers from all over the world with a rich menu of traditional and contemporary foods famous across the globe.

Italian cuisine is known for their cultural diversity with different parts of the country distinguished with specific foods. For instance, pizza is associated with Naples. It is difficult to master all these types of food as every region of Italy have a variety of cuisine that could be confusing to a visitor who is visiting Italy on vacation. This article highlights for you some of the alluring foods you should propose to sample should you be in Italy any time in the foreseeable future.

The list is not comprehensive neither will it touch on every person’s favorite dish but it is sure to capture the core of Italian cuisine.

    • Pizza


Pizza is the world’s go-to snack in case of a need for a bit. Pizza is an undying trend that has been and will always be. The craze behind pizza has been captured by the mushrooming of Italian restaurants in almost every city in the world with a majority’s specialty being pizza and pizza-baking. In the current market, the predominant pizzas are classified into two. The Neapolitan and Roman-moldy pizza. Roman pizza has a thin crust, allowing easy biting off your pizza without worrying about your toppings falling.

The Roman mold pizza has a significant breadth, allowing proper placement of toppings. It makes them a favorite for the people who eat on the move, and unlike Roman kind pizza, Neapolitan pizza has a dense but a soft crust of the limited nature of Neapolitan pizza. The mix used to prepare the pizza is intentionally made with a small circumference to help add pizza toppings and to make the crust tender.

However, you do not have to be in Italy to enjoy a sumptuous pizza. Quality restaurants are mushrooming as the hotelier industry continues its rapid growth. Renowned restaurants like Mascalzone Italian Restaurant offers great pizzas collections to give you that feeling of being in Italy away from Italy.

  • Lasagna


A native of Emilia-Romagna, the pasta baked, food was associated with the poor. However, its enrichment with other dishes from another culture like ragù allowed it to transform to a nutritious food popular with all cultures in the world. Lasagna constitutes several sheets of food with every layer constituting of a specific type of food. The content of a Lasagna varies with the region, it is prepared. The Emilia Romagna region is synonymous for cooking their Lasagna with noodles accompanied by frothy meat stock. In case you are in Italy, make it a purpose of trying the Emilia Romagna Lasagna for its richness in nutrition and culture.

  • Carbonara


It is an unsaid rule in Italy that every meal should be accompanied by pasta. The next food on this list, carbonara reinforces this legend. The simplicity and richness in nutrition make it a must-try and a must-have recipe. Carbonara is easy to cook and uses native and straightforward ingredients, making it an ideal example of the quality of Italian culinary culture. Carbonara uses eggs, pasta, pepper, marinated guanciale to prepare correctly. The simple ingredients should not mislead you into thinking excellent preparation of carbonara is realized overnight. It requires continuous dedication to master.

Italy is a bubbling pond of a rich culture in cuisine. The country is a dedicated hub of the new culinary invention and rich culture of culinary art for many years. It is a destination of choice for the food enthusiast. Hence, to ensure you are updated with culinary trends, then Italy is your next destination for a vacation destination.

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