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Is Your Mosquito Abatement Program Working?

April 22, 2019

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water as it is essential for them to breed. They are technically a type of fly although their segmented bodies are supported by legs that look like pieces of hair and they have elongated mouthparts.

They are also known for the number of diseases they can carry and transmit to you when they suck your blood. It should be noted that they suck your blood in order to get the nutrients they need. But, in the process some of their salivae is passed into your bloodstream, carrying with it an array of diseases.

That’s why it’s so important to have the number of a local pest control service on hand. Find out more here about how they can help you to eliminate mosquitoes and even reduce the chances of them arriving in future years.

Verifying Your Abatement Program

Keeping the mosquitoes away is a noble aim and a good idea for your general health.

This is why many governments are now instigating mosquito abatement programs
The simplest way of finding out how effective these programs are is to stand in your yard and see how long it takes for you to get bitten. A completely successful abatement program would allow you to stand out in your yard virtually indefinitely. The shorter the period you can stay out for the less effective the program is.

If you don’t feel the abatement program is working then you should contact your local government to see what they are doing and what they could be doing better. If you’re going to do this it’s a good idea to find out more info about controlling and eliminating mosquitoes; it will help to ensure you know what you’re talking about.

Know The Steps

It is a good idea to be aware of what the local policy is regarding mosquitoes and what action is being taken to keep them at bay.

If your local government has an abatement policy then you’ll probably find that they offer an inspection and control work for free. This will help to reduce the risk of mosquito bites and help you to feel safer and happier in your own home.

If your abatement program isn’t working properly then you need to consider the following additional measures:

Standing Water

Mosquitoes need standing water in order to breed, they lay their eggs in the water. If you check around your property and eliminate any signs of standing water then you’ll be reducing the attraction for mosquitoes and helping to improve the abatement.

Better still, get your neighbors to do the same and you can deter mosquitoes from the entire area.


It is also worth considering planting herbs that naturally repel mosquitoes. One of the best is peppermint, although there are several others that are effective. By planting this around the edge of your yard or near your doors and windows you’ll make the environment less appealing and reduce the chances of mosquitoes coming to visit.

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