Off-Road Tiny Trailers: Adventure Starts Here

December 15, 2020

Off road camper trailers don’t have to be big in order to be mighty! The power of the off road trailer is an immense force, and not one that necessarily has to align with a bulky, busier or a bigger camper model. If you’re a solo camper or you’re part of a compact yet adventurous camping clan, a compact off road camper trailer is going to be just the thing for you! Here is everything you need to know about getting your hands on an off road tiny trailer and starting your next adrenaline filled adventure!

Determine Capacity and Capability

Nail down the numbers before anything else! Figuring out how many people you plan on camping with on a regular basis will lead you to the right most logical sized camper trailer. Think about future factors such as hosting guests or growing your family to make your investment future proof.

Don’t Forget About your Car

You might be picking yourself up a compact and light camper trailer, but that doesn’t mean that your car will. Ensure that your towing capacity is compatible to your camper trailer of choice before you sign on any dotted lines. This is incredibly important particularly when you’re venturing off the beaten track.

Particular Packing

You’re going to have to travel light if you want both the mobility and the freedom that you were hoping to get out of that camper trailer of yours. Pack particular and keep it light to ensure that you’re not being weighed down by the unnecessary whilst you’re out on your adventure. The key to well done, particular packing is taking your time, compiling a list and only sticking to the essentials, do these and you’ll find yourself with just the right amount of gear for your trip, nothing more, nothing less.

Off Road Driving Tips…

A successful off road adventure depends on a few particular precautions and tips. Follow these pointers to ensure that your upcoming off road adventure with that compact and powerful new camper trailer of yours is as safe, fun and fulfilling as it possibly can be!

Always Stay Visible

The real key to staying safe whilst driving off road is by telling as many people as possible where exactly it is that you’re going. Make a plan, stick to it, tell everybody about it. This is going to help should god forbid anything go awry whilst you’re out adventuring. You should keep a map and a charged mobile phone, plus back ups, on hand at all times to ensure that location and communication are always guaranteed.

Prioritise the Essentials

Of course when you’re packing compactly it is easy to forgo a few of the more elaborate luxurious that you would usually allow yourself, it is very important, however, that you don’t skip out on the essentials. Bring safety essentials such as a water filtration system, first aid kits, plenty of lighting, sun protection, mobile phones, food, radios and maps. The essential safety gear must, repeat, must, override all other additions.

Plan, Plan and Plan Some More

Planning is key to any camping trip, but particularly for those who are headed off road! Sit down and plan meticulously, you won’t regret it!

Start Small and Short

Start small, keep an open mind and always stay alert. Keeping things short and sweet when you’re just getting started is going to perfect your process and make you a pro in no time!

And there you have it! Now, it’s time to check different camper trailers on Cub Campers that you can use for your next adventures.

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